Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Graysons 4...

I can not believe how fast this past 4 years went. Grayson is 4 today and were so lucky to have him in our family.. There is so special things about Grayson but here is our families favorite things and fun facts..

Grayson by far gives the best hugs and kisses ...

He is Always saying .."mom I just wanted to tell you I love you "and he is not afraid to tell anyone this .. his teacher, his brother , his friends , his grandpa or cousins .. He is always Saying I love you!

Grayson will eat NOTHING With Sauce ... no Mayo , no ketchup , no dips ,plain noddles , plain pizza cant have sauce or cheese on it .. He thinks he hates about everything ! 

He LOVE to do just about anything his Brother does .. 

He is one big goof ball of a kid ... He is always finding a way to make his brother and sister  laugh..

He loves to ":snuggle" with everyone ..

ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE .. everything has to be Orange in Graysons world !
He is a awesome sleeper for the most part .... Loves his naps and loves to sleep in!

Grayson has the best imagination , He is always busy making new things , or dressing up like someone ! 

Grayson Loves the summer , its his favorite to go camping and play outside .. 

He is such a good helper , Always willing to help his family. Never complains when he has to do his chores most the time he starts helping his brother with his also ..

Grayson is super brave .. Needles don't bother him , and this year when he was in the hospital he never cried once about the pain or bleeding .. or even the Iv or needle .. Much braver then mommy !

Grayson is always saying funny things and his favorite word right now is .." But mom "... Its not so much mine .. I swear he is going to grow up to be a lawyer he knows how to fight just about everything and has a reason or excuse for EVERYTHING!! 
We must Love this kid to bits .. he has blessed our lives so much .. There is never a boring moment when Grayson is around .. He is just such a fun loving caring kid .. Happy Birthday boy ! 

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