Saturday, January 11, 2014

Goals ..

I know it has been forever since I wrote to be honest , I feel so stressed out about my blog that's why i keep putting off doing anything with it . The stress is not so much the blog but the fact that its my journal ,its my memories and it means a lot to me . I wrote in a journal the almost every day faithfully the year i got out of school i Cherish that journal it means the world to me .. it has so many big events from deciding to go to school to , starting ysa , meeting Bradshaw , dating him , my parents going to the temple, getting married , moving to Texas and our adventures there, my Grandpa when he died , to having Hayden .. Its amazing and I LOVE it .. and I know the importance of writing down those memories .. and i for the past 2 years have not wrote done ANYTHING .. and that makes me sad and sick ! every time I come on I get so overwhelmed with photos i have to find to bring me up to date or all the things I have not wrote about Abbi or funny things Grayson has said .. and it really makes me sad .. so I'm not going to worry about that anymore .. I'm probably not going to up date anything .. I might get one or 1 old posts done when i come across photos .. but Im going to instead just start from now .. and do better with my current journal entries .. aww that feels so much better already .. Back to my goals .. so its 2014 and I have many goals this year .. I feel I always have to many .. so this year i decided to do a monthly goal with only 1 goal to focus on .. then maybe i can keep it make it a habit and have more success .. I have decided my over all goal this year is though to remember the important things and don't stress about the not so important . I often take on to much .I know that's a surprise to some .  if it is you ,your not really my friend , because you would know  .. i take way to much on! I cant say no .. i always try to go above and beyond . yes i think its a good characteristic .. but its also a hard one .it brings stress into my home, and I forget whats really important .. my family ... and that is what im changing this year .. so don't ask me for anything cause im going to say NO .. well just kidding but i am going to try to say no .. spend more time with my family focusing on them , Im going manage my time better and relax .. cause I don't know how to do that sometimes .. and Christmas this year opened my eyes to how it feels to do nothing .. and I loved it . I also have goals of learning a new skill, Im taking piano lessons this year so far so good and im looking forward to getting better again! Im also going to educate myself more .. read more , study more and understand things more.. anything that can brighten my mind im going to work on .. then of course I have spiritual goals .. and health goals .. and well we all have financial goals .. and that is a big one .. im going to be rich this year .. haha I wish! were getting so close to paying off student loans I can feel it .. and I just want to get it all done .. be close to being debit free .. other then mortgages ..cause well lets face it that is not happen anytime soon. My kids are also working on things to make them better .. we have had some fighting problems this past couple months , were my kids have decided to be kinda mean to one another .. so we decided or I decided our family theme or saying for the year to work on is .. Always be a little kinder then necessary and it is big and placed on our wall.. so I hope this year is one of great goals and lots of accomplishments ... and lots of blogging and journal entries so stay tuned ..O and I will this year if it kills me print off my all my photos , make a instagram book and print of my blog .. so now you can hold me account able ...

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