Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SO far Behind ..Part 2..and 3 ...and 4..

Ok This is going to be a LONG post to finally get me all caught up so I can stop putting off my blog posts , cause everytime I think  about it I just think "O im so far behind I can\t do it "

So im taking you back A YEAR !! can you believe that?

ok so Lets Begin... So We LOVE 11th ward it will always be a special ward to us ... It was JUST AMAZING .... and we went on a ward camp out in Magrath and it was just so much FUN!
There was the water slide that EVERYONE had a blast on...

We hooked up a movie projector for the kids at night while the adults  played games and visited!

The kids were so excited cause we took Grandma and Grandpas McClungs motor home to camp in ... and that was so exciting to them!

The kids played and played!

We ate Great food all weekends .. Thanks to the great Bishopric!
and Abbi Just loved being outside..

Calgary Zoo and Science Center... with a newborn baby and n the pouring rain..Does that not sound like a fun day or what?

The boys had a blast...I think more so cause Auntie Kayla and Grandma Thom came along!

ok the Science center was kinda a flop , The Imax was not open yet and the boys could not read or figure half the stuff out!.....

BUT the ZOO was a huge hit .. even in the pouring rain and even though it cost us a arm and a leg to do both!

We also played hard this summer with parades and camping and whoop up days and Canada day and fire works .. It was A great summer and I was so grateful for Michaela who became my nanny while I tried to figure out how you take 3 kids places !

 Hayden looks so happy here .. 1 hour later he had the runs and was throwing up at the same time in the alley .. I was SO grateful Michaela was with me !

Then After the summer of playing it was time for school..and I had a minor melt down..

Hayden was SO excited to be going to a new big kid school... I was excited for him but nervous as heck

His first special persons day was the day we went on a field trip to the fire station..

I one night decided to put on a Spa night for some ladies .. we had good food .. relaxing music. Face masks and foot soaks and waxing .. It was Great fun..

For Michaelas 18th birthday we bought her Tickets to for Carrie Underwood for me and her.. we bought them when I was pregnant and for some reason i my mind I figured I would be able to leave Abbi with Bradshaw by then .. im not sure what I was thinking .. she was only 5 months and was feeding every 2 hours .. so she got to come along to her first loud concert .. and temple trip .. lt worked out Great cause the Calgary open house was on also .. so it ended up being a GREAT trip as sister!
 it was super cold and really windy though ..

 waiting to take the c train with matt who was ice enough to meet us for dinner and then take us to the station and road  it so we would not get lost of stolen..

 we bought ear plug for Abbi ... though she hated them , would not keep them in and it was SO loud .. I felt so bad and she would not go to sleep .. so me and her hung out lots in the hall listening to how awesome Carrie Underwood sounded .. wish I could of saw her !

For Haydens school they did Skating , so I did what I had been dreading for 5 years and took Hayden to the rink , I strapped on my skates and took the step and taught him how to skate ..you think with me being a skater , I would want to teach my kids skating ., but I have just dreaded it and never wanted to step in another rink every again!! but he did well and loved being able to go with his class..

Tough the high light was the bus ride for sure!

ok Into Dec only 9 more months till were caught up!! 
Abbi was a elephant and so was Grayson , I wanted Hayden to also be one but that did not fly .. he wanted to be a sheriff with a gun!! His heart was broken when I told him sorry no gun!

My kids are wimps they would only help if they had rubber gloves .. haha 

We got all dressed up and went to Haydens school to watch the parade With him.. Grayson and Abbi Loved it ... then we went trick or treating at the mall and to Grandmas Thoms and Great Grandmas..
It was more then enough .. Grayson has a major melt down on our lawn , he was more then done and was more then content just handing out the candy instead! 

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