Sunday, March 3, 2013

The New house

we have been so busy this Past month , Once we put an offer on in our new house we quickly put ours up to find renters , we were lucky enough to find renters for the upper stairs right away ..and to a awesome couple in our ward also .We were thrilled to have that taken care of , Next  came cleaning out the basement and getting it ready to list .. You never know how much stuff you have until you move ... we had to get everything out from under the stairs clean up the rooms closets that were storing stuff ( honestly looked like in the movies where its pushed in and slammed shut in hopes to never be opened again) But with lots of help we moved stuff over to my parents bst to make it look nice for the walk through , right away we had someone one come over and want it ! It kinda felt to good to be true ...and it was , they wanted to move in on Feb1 , instead of March 1 ... so next step was to move EVERYTHING OUT .. in 2 weeks finish the renos and paint and have the bst cleaned in 2 weeks , while having Bradshaw work full time , I work , and shala staying with us .. It was a little crazy for a couple days ..BUT we got everyone moved out and TONS moved up ... so we were now all crammed into a little up stairs suite together ! Abbigaile had her own room, Bradshaw and I were sharing our room with the boys ...and Shala had the third bedroom which had 2 extra mattresses for the boys when she was not there to sleep on! There was boxes everywhere and we had lots of finishing work to be done ... Were so lucky to have such Great parents to spent hours helping us , Paining walls , putting new baseboards on , trimming 
 doors, putting hardware on , Finishing those last minute jobs in the kitchen .....then cleaning everything !  It was stressful and a lot to take on , We ended up staying most of our time at my parents due to the fact my boys DO NOT know how to be quiet ..They would run around , wrestle and play , while I was frantically trying to keep it quiet for out New bst renters ... but It just always ended up getting louder with my scream whispers... It took off the stress to be somewhere my boys could go wild. so we often went back after they were asleep to pack up and keep working .... First week in Feb we were able Rent out the Garage of the new house , which helped a ton .. we would move our stuff over there to store it till moving day . where we could then just move it into the house.. Over reading week were were able to say at Bradshaws Parents house, Cause they were going away, which meant a house to our self again and LOTS of  room for the kids to roam , It was so NICE .. we were able to relax and the kids were able to play with out being told to be quiet or stop wrestling and they most of loved it cause they acted just wonderful! For family day we took a little break from everything and decided our Kids need some much needed time with us away from packing and painting ! so we packed up and went to Cardston to the Carriage house, Hayden was thrilled , as Its His Great Great Uncle...and he thought that was just so cool! They had a free day with carnival games and a store to buy prizes with your tickets .. They were 4 for a 1$ ( the best money spent ) they had a blast! 

.Playing some of the old Carnival Games

. There was so many cool things to see and do ....

Hayden and Grayson got to Drive to school in a carriage pulled by horses..

 . They got to learn all about Driving one and how to steer horses..

. They got to make old fashion kites.... which worked awesome and they had a blast with later that afternoon..

. They played mini golf 

 and ducky Racing .. grayson has a harder time blowing out and ended up drinking more water then anything ... but he got his ducky to the finish line ...

It was  a really great day and were glad we were able to take a little break ... and we ended it off with some lunch and a trip to see the temple .. I wanted to grab a couple photos there to edit and put up on the wall in our new house..

 The following week we moved out EVERYTHING from the house into a garage and did our final cleaning .. Which by the way Thank you so much Mandy and Julie for all the help!  We moved into my parents full time that week, which was good .. The kids loved being there I'm sure more then my parents enjoyed it .. even though that did not act like it .. I'm also sure my sister was more then ready to have a LONG break , she helped me out so much this past month , moving things and cleaning and painting and packing and babysitting ! Abbi stopped sleeping at night and the boys were starting to get tired of sleeping on the floor... so  When moving day came around they were SO excited!!

Were still have unpacking and we still have LOTS to do but were finally in and were excited about it .. We had been looking a long time for a home . hoping to find one that would fit everything we wanted in our old 11th ward ( If you new our ward you would know why you would not want to move out ) It was home we had been there almost 5 years and my kids loved everyone , there was so many wonderful teachers and people to learn from and we were sad to leave .... but the truth is we hunted for a year in that area and NOTHING came up.. after we bought this house and this past weekend we have noticed 5 different house who came on the market in our Dream areas , with dream houses , with Dream prices .. and most sold right away..So we feel that 12th ward is were we need to be , This is our house , and this is were our family needs to be at this time !and were excited to start making memories here! 

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