Monday, January 14, 2013

Graysons 3!!

I can not believe that my little man is 3 years old today , I can still remember all to well , the long trip to the hospital , being in active labor and the excitement of finding out what I was having and what that little being was going to be like ... I try to write a letter to my kids on there birthday , so here's yours

Grayson I want to tell you (and everyone I guess that reads this )  a few things.... I  Love you so very much , you have blessed my life in so many ways in  just the short 3 years you have been in our family ... Your smile is one that is contagious , you make others happier and brighten there day up just by smiling at them. I Love all the little hugs and kisses you give to me, your dad and siblings , not a day goes by that you don;t let me know how much you love me with a little ... " I love you mommy" and kiss on the leg. You make people around you feel important and loved. It blow my mind to think of all the wonderful qualities you already possess , and your only 3.  Im excited to see those qualities continue to grow each year, I know you will grow up to be a wonderful example to your little sister and to Hayden, as you love to learn about Jesus and often try to be like him.. I think of the song I'm trying to be like Jesus , when I think of you and watch you as you interact with others. Your such a hard worker and are always willing to help those around you .. Your defiantly Mommy's helper, I never heard a grumble or groan when I ask you to pick up the toys , or help me clean something up... you quickly jump on it .. Please know you are very loved by your whole family .. you make our little family feel so complete, I feel very blessed every day to have you apart of my life, I know you will continue to grow up to be a strong ,loving ,spiritual boy... Happy birthday My Grayson .. your one special boy!

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