Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catching up ...Part !

I'm going way back in time for this post.. cause I'm way behind... so Part one starting at summer ...
we had so much fun this summer..
.We bought a sweet tent trailer.. ITS AWESOME.. super big tons of room.. Its a rare layout and totally rocks .. and we had a blast camping in it this summer.. We also sold our van which was a sad day .. bought an Ford expedition to pull the trailer and the real reason is cause Bradshaw wants something beefy and big to make him feel more like a man .. Hope he likes it still cause it cost us a arm and leg in gas!! 
. The boys also played hard this summer, they had Birthday parties , Nates took the cake , with his uncle mo's hand made water slide... huge hit! 

. We did LOTS of playing in the water , running through the sprinklers and playing on the tramp...

. oooo and in the mud

. My mom was pretty sick over the summer.. she had to get her gall bladder out .. but ended up being up having to stay longer .. and taking a month off .. ( which was super nice , to have her around more , and relaxing )

Hayden Turned 5!!
And cause he was so excited about our New tent trailer , he wanted for his birthday to take all his friends camping ! I said aa NO! but how about we have a pretend camping trip ... he was ok with that so we packed up our stuff headed out to park lake , had hot dogs over the fire, roasted marsh mellows.. went fishing .. played games and opened presents !!

5 Points about Hayden @ 5
.He started Kindergarden and LOVES it ..
.He decided to turn into a big helper, making breakfast for everyone , feeding Abbi, Carrying her around
. He can write his name , knows his phone # and has started to read and Write .. and its so cute (I often get notes left for me like,I Luvv u momme)
.He can Ride a 2 wheel bike
.He wants to learn to play every instrument .. mostly violin , piano and flute
summer full of lots of Camping and boating

Bradshaws Family every year takes a camping trip , we have been going to kokanusa and staying for a week or so , ad enjoying playing hard as a family .. the cousins love it ...

And the Adults Love it I think even more..

We do lots of tubing and water skiing and wake boarding .. swim in the lake ,and  jumping of the top roof of the boat

We tried Thanks to pinterest a fire treat  and it was a success.. you take a waffle cone fill it with marshmallows and whatever Sunday toppings you want ...chocolate chips , score, smarties, nuts ...wrap them and put them into the fire .. mmmm

Waiting for them to be ready..

Grayson LOVED them ...

Abbi got to have her first bath in a sink .. and it was Grandmas motor home..Lucky girl !



Amy said...

I love the camping birthday cake, and cute pic of you at the end!

Brooke H. said...

Fun summer! Your kids are getting so big! Can't believe Hayden is 5!!!