Sunday, December 30, 2012


So one thing that has kept me super busy lately is Photography, I decided to purse something I thought was really interesting in June .... So I started to read and read and watch videos and read some more , then take tons of photos.. Then sign up for classes and start working on that ! It has turned out to keep me super busy , This past 2 months I have had 1-3 shoots every weekend then 1-2 during the week, It has started to slow down but Im still booked 1 a week ! I LOVE IT , Im learning so much , Im loving spending time with people getting to know them better. I love capturing there memories for them ! So that has kept me super busy lately... But I promise that will not stop me from my new goal of keeping up with this blog ... Im actually going to head back to Summer and work forward and get up to date starting with Summer Holidays ! But If you were wondering where I was and what was happening now you know , Lots of photo taking, and even more editing!

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