Monday, December 17, 2012


Do you ever feel guilt? Every day I feel guilty, weather its for feeling like I was a bad mom today , wife, not keeping the house clean , not making a good enough dinner, spending to much money, having some me time, not reading my scriptures.....on and on , but this past couple weeks  months... I have been feeling so guilty for not writing on my blog as much ! Some might think ..Really..that's stupid.. But you obviously don;t know how much i love my blog/journal!
I kept a journal when I was coming out of high school , I hold it very dear , I wrote in it almost every single night for 3 years . It contains single Adult Ward , my trials with moving out, dating boys, meeting Bradshaw, Its shares stories of my family and friends, and has church notes and goals written in it .. It contains the day my family was sealed in the temple, when Bradshaw told me he loved me , when we got engaged , getting married , moving to Texas , or amazing experiences In Texas as a newly married couple, my pregnancy, the death of my Grandfather.. and lastly the birth of Hayden .. I Cherise this journal and these memories...It is one of the most important things I own.. When I started this blog I stopped writing in my personal journal .. it took that place .. There is lots of posts that I write and don't post or share .. I just keep in my drafts for the day I go to print them off ...  But for the most part I keep my life memories on here.. and for the past 4 months I have completely slacked, no summer posts , NOTHING written about Abbigaile or how the boys are growing , or challenges and trials and our wonderful experiences ... so I have decided that I need to pull up my socks and be better, cause I have so much GUILT that it  almost makes me sick to think all the important things I'm missing and not writing about !! so I guess this is the part I declare to myself and the blogging world that I will make sure to write at least 3 blog posts a day ... that I will fit this into my crazy busy hectic schedule cause its important .. ok I feel better and not as guilty now!!

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