Monday, November 5, 2012


This past Sunday was the Calgary Temple dedication, I just want to write a few of my feelings about it cause its something I want to remember and I want my kids to know about... The feeling as you entered the chapel was one of the spirit, it was beautiful being able to sit peacefully and listen to the beautiful music and reflect about life... as the session began and President Monson walked in wearing white along with other apostles, an overpowering feeling of the spirit just took me and a feeling of love and surety came over me... my emotions from that point on where close to the surface... the music and the talks over and over again testified to me the importance of the Temple and that I do have a strong testimony of this Church.. seeing President Monson , dressed in white made me ponder the after life , how I want to be with past president of the church , I want to know them and be friends with them and ultimately I want to be with my Father in a heaven... how do I need to live in order to have this opportunity is all that coming to m mind? I will not go into detail about all my feelings , but i do want to share that I walked out of that temple dedication with a stronger testimony , I felt that i once again had that conformation that this is the true church , that I am a child of god , that I am loved and that the savior knows me personally.. that I make mistakes and that I can repent and be whole again..and its beautiful.. I also know with out a shadow of doubt that President Monson is the lords Prophet that he receives revaluation for me and you and all those who listen. I also know that Temples are Heaven on Earth , that my family will be together forever cause of the ordinance and covenant that are preformed there..that the work that happens there binds Heaven and earth together.. I'm grateful that my children will be able to one day go to the Temple and have this same confirmation for themselves... This is my strong testimony and I'm so grateful I was able to go and be apart of such an amazing experience!

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