Monday, September 24, 2012

My Big boys....

This weekend we spent most of the weekend, rearranging my house, moving furniture around and de cluttering.. One of the big moves was the well thought out plan of moving the boys and their bunk beds downstairs. We decided to give it a go for a few reasons
1. Its the biggest room in our house
2. The boys needed to learn to spend more time downstairs playing , instead of in the upstairs living room..
3.They wanted to allow us to use there up stairs room for a computer/spear bedroom and my storage till we find a bigger house

So we did it , they were excited, but I have to tell you I have some mixed feelings.... I had a hard time tucking them in and saying good night... Grayson as I walked out said .. " mommy lay with me" Its moments like that were my hearts melts and I feel a little sadness when I realize how fast kids grow up and how much I just want to keep them the way they are right now.. I want to lay with Grayson every night ,I want him to want me to lay with him cause one day he wont want that.. I waited till they fell asleep before I headed up stairs and in between the time they fell asleep and the time I went to bed I think I checked on them at least 4 times and kissed there fore heads at least 15 times each... I know I will get over the feeling of sadness ..but for now.. I just want to cry a little and I think that's totally fine... cause my boys just took there first big step of Independence ....they moved downstairs away from mommy and daddy's room to there new big boy bedroom!

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