Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I can  not believe that my little boy, is off to kindergarten today. He has waited all summer for the day to come , where he gets to go to the big kid school.. I on the other hand have not... I have just kept putting the day off in my head and replace it with thoughts of living in Texas..when he was just a tiny ( or I should say fat) little baby who never slept! I prepped him all night last night, gave him the what to expect talk, talked about rules and how he needs to act... I think he is tired of listening to me .. say the same thing over and over again...

Hayden told me today when I went to drop him off at school , that I could cry, just not in the school , and believe me I did have to hold back some tears and emotions.. I was excited for him , but I did find it hard, not because he was in school , just because he officially will be spending more time there with friends then he now will be spending with me .. and that makes me a little sad... call me a baby but I just can't help it , I dread my kids birthdays, I hate when they start to grow up.. I just want them little, needing me forever! But I am proud of Hayden he is a great little boy and I know he will do wonderful in school , he will be a great friend ! Im not sure sure Im ready to share him with everyone else yet!

Grayson was so excited to go to school... only problem he would not put clothes on and well....he does not know yet but he is not going!

 First day of school!

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Amy said...

Great photos of his first day!