Sunday, September 2, 2012

I love her.....

I have not been doing very good at keeping my blog updates... I mean well and think about it often .. I have so many photos to upload of Abbi.. but for now here's a small update of her...
. She is 4.5 months already
. She has stopped sleeping through the night .. and has decided she needs to gain weight and eat all night long! Not to sure how I feel about this!
. She is still in her bassinet not because I don't want her in her crib .. only cause I have not made her curtains yet... I should put that on my to do list for this week!
. She is drooling everywhere so the bibs have been brought out.
. She is starting to grab at your food and want it
. She talks and talk and talks..
. She has rolled over onto her tummy ... and gets stuck !
. She loves to play in her excersuacer .. that's new this week , Next week will try out the jolly jumper!
. She loves baths
.she is 100% a princess and a momma girl
. She has decided to start playing shy
. The last 2 dates we went on she screamed so loud I had to leave the theater and put her to sleep then drive back to the show... what a stinker
. She is still the happiest easiest baby
. She loves to watch TV on Hayden's lap
. She loves going for walks ... but she likes to sit up in the stroller with out her car seat
. She blows bubbles and makes the cutest sound when I feed her...
I just love her so much she is my little Miss Molly

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