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Abbigaile her birth and 1st month....

Ok I know I have kinda fell off the face of the earth this past  month ...  But I have been busy snuggling and loving my new baby to bits ... o and trying to get used to having 3 kids, and that's a lot of work!

I don't even know were to start... so I'm going to start at the very begging... which means it might be a LONG blog post ... but really this is for my keep sake not for you so if you want just fast forward a couple paragraphs.

Tuesday April 17 Was an exciting day , I could not sleep, I was  excited to get up and get going to the hospital. At the same time I was so nervous, this by far was my most nerve wreaking pregnancy. From the very beginning  I felt uneasy about the whole birthing experience and was super scared about the pain. But this morning the excitement did out way the scariness. We headed to the hospital and I felt my emotions all over the place as we walked in, knowing that I was not leaving until I had a baby...and that with in hours I could have my baby in my arms.

At 6.45am Dr Gibb came and checked everything out and applied the Gel to get things going. I remember thinking " OK this is it , this baby is coming out" Bradshaw guessed cause I was so over that this baby would come out quick and fast.. 11 something ( am) was his guess .. I just laughed at that thought ... I guessed 3.10 though deep down I wanted to say 6pm. the nurse encouraged us to go for a walk to help get things started .. so we did , all I found was I was tired of walking around the same halls and nothing was happening , we headed back to the room to get everything checked out. I decided to nap instead of walk , really I was not going to go home , I was staying till i had the baby and who knows how long it was going to take. The last time I was induced with Hayden I was in there waiting then in labor for 48 hours.... I felt sleep would be better.. so I slept on and off for 3 hours while Bradshaw sat bored out of his mind... 11 came and went and I had not had a single pain, I was feeling great !! around noon I started to have some very minor cramps, I felt they were even less then what a normal menstrual cramp would feel like , 1ish I started to have the pain more in my back ( so I put Bradshaw to work , and got him to rub my lower back, seeing he was so bored) still the pain I would say was around a 2... around 2pm when Dr Gibb was to come back and give me my second dose of the Gel I started to have stronger cramping , ones that were all over the place but I could feel stronger , I started to have to breath through them , but still my pain was around a 4, nothing some Tylenol and a heating pad wouldn't fix. My nurse called and check to see what was happening with Dr Gibb , He informed her that he would not be in for a while still but that if I got to the point of 5 I could have a epidural if wanted.... so the nurse decided to check me and see what was happening .... around this time I stared to have stronger contractions , I was at the point of 4-5 cm and    the nurse informed me if I wanted she could call for an epidural, in case it took awhile for him to come.... I felt like the pain was not strong enough for an epidural , but really who would not want it that way , it could be smooth sailing to get it even before the pain kicked in and I could have a nice restful , pleasant labor.

Well the nurse hooked me up to the monitor for 10 mins while she called for my epidural, In those 10 mins my contractions picked up and I was in full labor, every 3mins I was having them and I started to feeling very grateful that the epidural was being ordered.. Bradshaw I think was also grateful , see I almost broke his thumb in the midst of my squeezing. The nurse came back and  saw how quickly my pain picked up and she was excited to announce it was my lucky day the anesthesiologist was just outside the door and I could be getting my epidural as soon as my iv went in, she checked me quickly before she started the Iv to find I was a 6.... She had a hard time getting the IV in my hand and had to try a couple times , I'm sure I was not much help , because my pain went from a 4- 9 in about 2 mins and I quickly turned into the crazy lady , who cried and could not cope with the pain... I can not even remember everything about it , I feel like I was dieing and I was not really there... some of the classic lines that you might of heard if you were in the hall would of been...
"I can not do this"
" I don;t want to do this"
 " Bradshaw please please stop the pain"
" Please someone help me "

In between contractions when I was not the crazy lady I held onto the hope of getting a epidural and the fact the he was waiting outside the room for me... once the IV was in  it was time for the medicine, My water broke ( I think this is when It broke) she lifted up the sheets to do one more check. she announced to the other nurse in a loud tone " call the dr NOW!" The nurse came running in and set up the room for the delivery , one got her gloves on in case the baby decided to come early ... I laid there scared out of my mind and freaking out that my dream of an epidural was gone out the window... the pain was more then I had ever felt with either of my kids and I did not want this baby to come out,I even tried to squeeze my legs together... I finally asked what the heck was happening, the informed me I  was waiting for the Dr to get there , and if I had to I could do little grunts .... though all I wanted to do was push !! I felt so much pressure!! Dr Gibb walked in 22 mins later It felt like FOREVER waiting for him ... He told me to push , I gave a push and instantly I felt the "FIRE" I now understood what the ring of fire was and holy cow did it hurt... for the first time ever I SCREAMED and I screamed loud! loud enough that Dr Gibb yelled back at me "Megan Enough stop and listen, stop pushing" I pushed one more time and the baby popped right on out! Right after I turned to Bradshaw and said" were done no more baby's I can not  do this again" that changed not even 24 hours after she was born and I got to hold her..... its amazing how quick you can forget such great amount of pain when you see what the pain is for!

Soon after she came out they announced she was a girl . I remember feeling happy and not surprised, All i wanted was to hold her but instead I was poked at a little longer, my placenta would not come out, so I had to go through one last extremely painful push , while they pushed down super hard on my stomach and pulled.... I defiantly felt that the pain after was much worse then either of my boys, maybe it had to do with the fact I was not frozen and could feel every stitch and poke and push they had to do...
Abbi was born at 3.50 in the afternoon( which means I was pretty close to my guess) She did surprise us all though and was only 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long.. my smallest out of the three ...and 10 days over! I did finally get to hold her, It felt amazing to finally have this little tiny baby in my arms and not in my stomach , I felt such a love for her and so much excitement to have my little girl....

they cleaned me and the room up and Bradshaw  sat and enjoyed holding Abbigaile ( who was still baby, we had two names ... Tatum which was the name we both agreed on right after she was born..but as we got to know her and see how tiny and beautiful she was we both agreed the next day we needed pretty name for Abbigaile Elizabeth is what we went with.) I spent the next 3 hours in labor and delivery , nursing her and spending time with her, I finally showered and got ready to head into the maternity ward, Abbi's blood was tested and we found she was low, do to her birth weight and we had to formula feed her out of a cup before we could head to our room... trying to feed a newborn out of a cup is interesting , it took time but finally we got to head to our private room... ( which we almost did not get)  Soon after the family came up , Hayden and Grayson and Grandma and Grandpa Thom came up , Hayden was so excited and Grayson had no idea what to think... I got to stay 2 nights in the hospital with Abbi and Bradshaw It was great to just spend time the 3 of us, I could not believe how much I loved this little girl already , she was so perfect and I fell so in love with her. Its always a great time of reflecting, the first night I was up most of the night , not cause Abbigiale was awake but cause the nurse had to come and check her blood every 2 hours, she was also formula feed again. As I laid there holding her in my arms , I thought about the boys and how I felt I was just there with them both, how much I loved my kids and how quickly they grow up into little adults. I felt I could sit there and just stare and my little girl, I wanted to remember every little thing about her , take a picture in my mind that I could always remember all the litle details about her and the day. We felt so blessed and lucky to have a healthy little girl added to our family of boys!

1 Month later .... what we have been up to
. Well the first week I had alot of help, Great grandma came over during the day when Bradshaw went back to work to help me out.
. Abbigiale was weighed a couple days after we left the hospital , she weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces
. she will not take a soother , we bought every type you can think of and all she does is gage and spit it out
. We went through 2 packages of newborn diapers in the first 4 days home from the hospital , we could not go a hour with out changing at least 2-3  poop diapers ... that's all she did ...
. The health nurse came at her 1 week check and she was up to her birth weight
. The boys will not leave Abbi alone , Hayden can not keep his hands and face off her, He tells us I just love her so so much ! Its great to see how much the boys love her already , like she was always part of our family.. Grayson walks around the house asking wheres Abbi?
. I was not feeling well when Abbi was 5 days old, so  headed into the Drs to get checked out , I was informed I was on Iron pills cause I was extremely low in blood ... I was at a 80 when I should have been 120-160... which explained why I was feeling so tired , emotional , having headaches , and aches..
. At Abbigailes 2 week appointment she was already 8 pounds... thanks to my milk coming in she was gaining weight like a true McClung and her skinny frog legs were turning more and more chunky..
. At 3 weeks Abbi Started to stay up more during the day , she would stay up some time 1-2 hours stretches and was sleeping really good at night ... 3-5 hours in a row AS LONG as she was sleeping with me .other wise it was maybe if were lucky 1 hour.
. She was also blessed at 3 weeks, Bradshaw gave her a beautiful blessing , and she had filled out enough to wear her little white dress I had bought a year ago when it was on sale. We also had sadie's  blessing that day and then had a family party after ... It was a Great Sunday!
. Abbi is starting to cue a little and make cute noises , she has even smiled a few times, I love watching her facial expressions and watch her grow and change
. Abbi in the 1 month has gone to 3 movies already , she went out to ladies night to the luck one and to hunger games with Mandy then out on a date with Bradshaw and I to what to Expect...
. At her one month apt on Tuesday she was weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces ... 3 pounds in 1 month !!

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You're a trooper Megan, congratulations! She is adorable, you sure can tell what family she comes from, LOL.