Monday, April 2, 2012

still waiting...pregnancy update...

Your all thinking this post is on me waiting for this baby to come .. but the truth is I'm waiting for something much more unpleasant .... I did it I drank the "magical drink" the plan was for me to have it Sunday morning so I could be well rested and ready to go if something were to happen.. but as my Sunday come and went with , conference , A Easter dinner, visiting with family .. I found I had to put my "drink" on hold till later in the evening.. so I laid  down for a quick  1.5hr nap to make sure I was somewhat rested before I stayed up all night by the toilet... by the time the kids went down, I woke up it was already 8.30 pm... so I was little hesitant to take it! Bradshaw was excited though and I did not want to disappoint... so I took it... then I waited .....and waited and .....waited! I new there was a chance no contractions  would come but I did no think that NOTHING would work .. not even the visit to the toilet ! 
See there is this running joke with me .. NOTHING WORKS!! when I'm at the dentist they now know that I need double the anesthetic ....cause even though I should not feel anything cause the average person does not .... I do and they usually have to pump me with an extra couple needles then work super fast before it comes back out.. Tylenol , does nothing .. now a couple T3 usually can take away a minor head ache ... and even my epidural with my first was not strong enough and even though it was inserted correctly they have to give me 3 doses just to get my kinda frozen.... so I'm not really surprised that nothing happened.... other then loud thunder like stomach noises and tons of lower back cramping and a few contractions ( I could count on one hand )... I finally went to bed after 4 hours of waiting and slept most of the night !

I think out of it all I'm more disappointed that the bathroom I scrubbed clean I did no even get to enjoy last night .... which I guess either means round 2 will include me drinking the whole bottle to get anything going.... or I can just wait .... and wait some more...and when this baby decided to come it will... and I'm really kind OK with that......well as long as its not over due!!

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