Thursday, April 12, 2012

and the list goes on...

Well up to last week I felt like I was patient and waited this babies arrival with grace.... all Hell has broke lose in our home , you will want to say far away, for you might not come back out of our house alive.... Everyone in our home is on edge and very cranky...

It started with Bradshaw...he may not be cranky , but he has been ready and waiting for this baby for about 2.5 weeks now! Though I have to say he hides his frustration the best and he really is a great support for me ..... (I think I might have killed someone by now if I did not have him around to keep me calm, and on the chipper side)... He is more then ready to have our new addition join our family!

Hayden has also taken a interest in the baby this week " when is the baby coming out?"is not an uncommon question to hear out of his mouth numerous times a day....  We have told him since I was about 4 months along that the baby will be here in the Spring time ... then as we got closer  we informed him that the baby will come at Easter... Easter has now come and gone and there is no baby! and so that has made him impatient!

Grayson just follows Hayden so he now also is walking around copying him... "baby out mommy"? " Where baby"? " baby mommy"? ..... and on and on and on

I on the other hand have hit the end HARD!!! like crash and burn.. I'm done and ready, grumpy and am a complete emotional wreak..... talk about post par tom depression after the baby, I'm getting it and the baby has not even come out yet... and to be honest I can not figure out for the life of me why this baby has to be so darn stubborn ... I have never been over with either of my boys and being over sucks!!! Each day I feel I'm a time bomb, I wake most mornings realizing nothing happened and that I'm still here , very pregnant , grumpy and with no baby.. I go to bed every night praying that something will happen...... and nothing does!!! Each week I head to the Dr's He checks me and tells me something lie .. your 3cms and the head is right there .. really any day now...and 2 weeks pass by !!! WHAT THE HECK!!
So this past week I have taken it upon myself to GET THIS BABY OUT.... I have tried just about everything you can think of ... the list just keeps growing... along with my stomach!
. " magic milkshake " from This recent post
. walking, walking, walking and even slow running
. Dancing
. Mexican food
. Eating tons of Fresh pineapple  TONS!
. 5 message apt with pressure points therapy
. 5 acupuncture apt
. taking a relaxing bath
. lower back massage
. Jumping on a trampoline
. Playing soccer
. going bowling
and the list can still go on....

I have ran out of things to try.... I just don;t get it.... I have been 3 cm dilated for week and a half , the babies head is right there ready to go .....and still I'm 5 days over and have 5 more till my induction date, When my Dr comes back from holidays! So now I'm focusing on Tuesday in my head, Tuesday is the day .... when FINALLY the baby will be here ... and if something happens before then well it would be a miracle!

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Amy said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this. But know I completely understand. Yep, the trampoline, massage, acupuncture...I even rode on a quad on the bumpiest surface I could find, and tried a few other (ahem) things. At least there's an end in sight for ya, even if you'll be 11 (?) days over by then, blah.