Monday, April 2, 2012

1.5 weeks.... Pregnancy journal ....old post

March 25
Yet another Friend of mine had her baby this past weekend... except Tisha was only due a day or two before me...... you know that feeling of " why is everyone having there baby before me ... its not fair"! You think I would be thinking that way but NOT YET!! Its my husband who is the one who is getting antsy... He tried to get me to drink the " magic potion " in which Tisha drank that put her into labor on sat ...after he found out it worked for her... I quickly came up with a list of reasons why I could not do that...
. I need to wash the car seat still 
. we need to finish painting 
. I want to go on a date ALONE with my husband 
. I need to spend some time alone and enjoy not being busy 
. I need to get grocery 
. I have a acupuncture apt booked two times this week... 
. My house needs to cleaned AGAIN!!
. I have laundry to do
.......and the list can go on and on... but really its just cause as much as I want to know what this baby is, drinking a " magic drink" that still has a 50% chance or more of only making you best friends with your toilet and tums bottle ... does not sound so magical  to me ! at least not yet.....will see in a couple days......

Fast forward to March 29
hahaha OK ... so that post was on Sunday I think, its now Friday , I was able to wash the baby car seat , go on an alone date with myself, go on a alone date with my husband, relax, get grocery , have my acupuncture apts which helped me have contractions both nights but nothing to continue it long enough to count as labor...... and I even raked the leaves up and cleaned the backyard , walked and even went for a short little run ( really short) in hope to kick start something real!!! So I guess you can tell from this that maybe just maybe I have changed my mind... my body is getting heavy, I'm uncomfortable , and am tired of having cramping/ braxton hicks/ contractions ... on and off!! and I just want to sleep on my stomach .. even if it is for only 20 mins intervals !! so I MIGHT be changing my mind a little about the magic potion... its still a might !! one week away and really I still feel like I could wait to see if anything happens... BUT I know I will not be able to wait any longer then that... So maybe I should just get the ball rolling right?

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