Friday, March 23, 2012

Pregnancy journal....2.5 weeks and yes Im counting down!!

Yes you read it right ... I'm officially counting down the days!  I'm really grateful that I was able to feel so great right up to a couple days ago .. but it hit me and it hit me hard last week. I have felt the constant dragging of my butt stage , I had to sit down yesterday on a chair in my bathroom while I did my hair , even lifting my arm above my head left me feeling exhausted... I feel like if I could crawl into bed and stay there for the next 2.5 weeks, I would be a happy women! Also up to 4 days ago I was sleeping awesome at night ... well as awesome as one can feel while being 8.5 months pregnant... but I have not slept a good night in almost a week.. most nights Bradshaw wakes me up with " are you OK , or are you having the baby" I guess I have been moaning a lot lately , every time I have to get up to go to the bathroom , or roll over...everything hurts!!
I'm also officially slow as a turtle, I can not walk, I waddle like a very slow duck... which could be good news... my hips have really felt soar this week ... which could maybe mean that this baby has dropped ....lets keep our fingers crossed.....I know I have gotten bigger  cause just on Sunday I had at least 4 people look at me then point at my stomach and exclaim with big large eyes .. wow! not sure how to take that but I'm guessing that means  I grew ... LOTS this past week! and well I feel it !!

Good news though , my sister in law had her baby last Friday... she is beautiful.. It was great to see Bradshaw and Hayden so excited to hold her.. they both sat in the chair and held her for a long time, as I sat and admired Angs deflated belly... that is what I'm most excited for , theirs really nothing better then that last push and feeling like all that pressure and tightness is gone!! even if it leaves you with a flabby belly for a couple months .. so worth it !!

Pregnancy post .....2 weeks....and still counting...

I'm really bad at writing a post then not publishing it... so that last one is from 5 days ago... and well when your pregnant 5 days ago can seem like forever ago... This past week I have been having contractions on and off all week .. not to the point were I have to stop in pain, I'm still able to do my routine...but I am finding my nervous have kicked in and I find myself asking ... am I really ready? I officially finished work for the foot institute last week...and it feels amazing! Also shala had her last night with us this week .. so I have 1 month off with her, I'm all done babysitting Grayson and well It feels great.. after this weekend ( which is packed with young women's broadcasts , baptisms , meeting and apt ) I might feel like I can relax and spend some time with my family, maybe even go on a date before this baby comes and I'm home bound for the next 6 months... so now I'm feeling I might just want to wait a least a week till this baby decided on making its debut.. but you know if you asked me tomorrow and I'm feeling super uncomfortable and grumpy I'm sure my mind might have changed back to ..."Get this baby out " I'm done!!
I started acupuncture with Pete this week and have been going to my pregnancy massage 2 times a week... to help things along ... but I think next week is when I will pull out the big guns and get the ball rolling on operation baby evacuate... and I will start trying everything I can to get the ball rolling so this baby will show up before my Dr takes a nice relaxing holiday with his family in Arizona over Easter holidays!!  so any suggestions on how to help this baby come out that might have worked for you... would be appreciated.... As for now , Im going to try to enjoy my life as it starts to slow down .. at least for a short time .. cause who knows when it will decided to get super busy again!

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