Thursday, March 15, 2012

Musical beds...

At our house we like to play a little game called musical beds... it was inherited from my home growing up . No one ever slept in there bed, we were always trading spaces or you ended up just finding a open bed and grabbed it ... over wise you might  just not got one that night !! Our house is no were near that bad.. but Grayson this week has decided he needs to sleep with someone , and Hayden has been wanting a little more mommy attention and has been asking to sleep with me in my bed.... so it has been the past week of us playing some good old musical beds.. I start on the bottom double bunk with Grayson and Hayden on the top, then when there asleep I transfer to my bed to sleep. Hayden wakes up to go to the bathroom and ends up crawling back into bed with Grayson on the bottom.... Grayson wakes up and Bradshaw brings him into bed with us for a couple hours...and then Hayden is next to come join us for our morning family snuggle before we all finally decided this is NOT working , were not sleeping anymore so morning time it is, and we get up for the day!!

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