Thursday, March 15, 2012

The 4 week countdown ....pregnancy journal

* this post is 2 weeks old...opps

The time has come and the countdown is on.....4.5 weeks .... 1 month and a couple days left .....2 doctors apt away....and I'm still scared out of my mind... though i do find myself getting really excited to find out what this baby is... will I pull out all my boy stuff or will I finally get to pick some super cute pink things? hmmmm but I'm not sure if even that is enough motivation to push this baby out.

This week I have been trying to take an easy, I have found myself wondering on a couple occasions if this baby might just show up early? I started to have contractions on and off this week, most nights it was after I pushed myself a little to much and following that came some pain that was very similar to when I was induced with Hayden due to liver problems ... so off to my apt I went to fill in my dr about my problem .... and cause of it I have been put onto "rest mode" meaning I should not be pushing myself at all... more so cause they don;t want my liver enzymes to rise sky high again... but to tell you the truth I have no idea what that means, or why its happening or even what the heck a liver enzyme is... so here I am with my list...
1. finish painting the nursery
2. Sew a quilt
3. set up the swing / pull out the baby stuff
4. wash the baby car seat
5. Finish the kitchen

and I'm not supposed to do anything.... fantastic... so I guess ready out not this baby is going to be here sooner then I'm ready for!
I am  really looking forward to my sister in law having her baby, she is only a week and some away , and I think if I get to hold that new born baby it might just kick start me into having major baby excitement , then I can book all my apt to help me induce this baby and I can get the ball rolling on making sure our new bundle comes before Easter.....  seeing we have been promising the boys a new baby by Easter!! would not want to disappoint!

I also really need to start coming up with some potential names cause as of right now , boy or girl we don't have any real possibilities.... boys there nothing I like ... and girls there WAY to many ... how do you choose? so all in all ... I'm working my head around the fact that I'm on a countdown now .. the clock is ticking and I NEED to come to grasps with the fact this baby will be coming out , like it or not I will be pushing it out , there will be pain.... and I know once I get over that fact , I'm going to be so excited to be able to hold my little baby..............! that will be nameless!

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Amy said...

Well, I'm anxious and excited FOR you, I look forward to hearing if the baby's a boy or girl, and what you eventually (haha) end up naming him or her. Remember, you can come home with a nameless baby if you need more time to decide. I know for me, naming babies is super stressful, it's a huge decision. :)