Thursday, March 15, 2012

The first cavity...

A couple weeks ago while Bradshaw was flossing Hayden's teeth , he noticed a small cavity forming on one of his molars..... We have been using needles and cavities to scare Hayden into being more diligent with Brushing his teeth for a year now. I know I'm such a bad mom , really who scares there kids right? But hey It worked for the most part... we , I would tell him " If you don;t brush your teeth you are going to have to get a big needle in your mouth and it hurts, do you want that?"  know wonder people hate the dentist its cause people like me who scare there children!!
Anyways when we found it I got the sick feeling in my stomach  for Hayden I new he was going to be scared and sad...and it was a little sad at first , but Bradshaw was quick to explain how it works , that its more like a pinch and that to make it better he would even give him the needle... Hayden after was feeling good about it and told us he was brave and could do it , though he might have to hold mommies had.

The next week we headed into the office ( just to get it checked out and double checked that it was indeed a cavity) Hayden was under the impress that he was there for the filling and that he would be getting the needle that day, Dr goth came into Bradshaw room were Hayden was waiting and he says..."I'm so excited" I asked why and he explains , cause I get to have a needle!  WHAT!!! really .... when he realized there would be know needle and we would have to come back next week , he was so upset , he was looking forward to being brave and getting the needle!! I know sounds totally crazy hey?
1 Week later , Hayden excited headed into the office for his cavity, after we got there Dr Goth decided it was small enough that they would try with no anaesthetic, but if it stared to hurt they would stop and freeze him... it took 15 mins , Hayden sat there did not move , just watched the TV, opened his mouth wide and not a single squirm or movement  and he did not even want to hold my hand!!...... I could not believe it , he showed me up at the dentist my 4 year old!!  so really I guess all the scary talk did nothing, he is still looking forward to the day he gets to have his first needle...crazy kid, I'm sure it will only take the one time for him to realize there not fun!! But hey for now will just let him be excited!! Now Grayson on the other hand I'm scared for , we  both have to hold him down every night to even get the toothbrush in his mouth !!

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