Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen reno update...

This reno feels like it has been going on forever.. but really were only one week behind... I think were finally on a roll though , so that's exciting .. our week nights are shot so we have been working on Sat  trying to get as much done as we can...but now that the counter tops are finally cut down to the right size... the cabinets have been taken back and new ones that match have been bought... the rest of our supplies finally came in.. the tile and the sink has been bought... and we moved around the cabinets after I changed my mind ... were getting her done... My house looks like a garage.. due to all the tools laying around and the garbage bags full of stuff, the saw dust that is floating all around my house... I can not wait to just be able to vacuum and have the floors stay clean !! but as of right now I just look around my house and think how the heck is it all going to be done and ready in 6 weeks .. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with it right now... But I can say I'm really grateful for all the help.. Bradshaw's dad , and brother and my dad have been working hard trying to get it done... I'm pretty sure its because they know it involves a cranky pregnant lady who is a little stressed out about a few things right now...but never the less I really do appreciate all the hard work that has gone into getting it done!

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