Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Journal jar.. Hayden first !

I have decided that seeing my blog is our family journal , that I not only want to write about our every day life , But I also want to write about Bradshaw and my past , how it was growing up . so our kids can look back on our blog book and have some info about ourselves that they might just not of known otherwise...
So every Monday we will take turns pulling out a question out of the "journal jar" and do a short entry about that topic... not the most exciting entry for you guys to read , but as a family we thought it would be something good to start.

Haydens question he pulled out this morning was ... If you could live any were were would it be?

"Las Vegas , cause there is lots of rides and we can go out and play on them all day.
Its also really big and exciting, and I just really like it.  I want a bigger house that is much bigger so we can have a dog, and we can keep our little house in Lethbridge so we can come back and visit Keegan, and Annabell ad Grandma and Grandpa McClung and Thom."

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