Thursday, February 2, 2012

pregnancy journal .....Beware!!!

BEWARE!!! its official the pregnancy hormones have kicked in and I have hit the stage were I will bite your head off if you look or speak the wrong thing to me !!! 
ok ok I might not really but I will be definitely be thinking some not so nice words in my head about you! 
Every time it seems as I get closer to the day , my mood just takes a dive... I feel great still , physically... I'm not to uncomfortable yet, I don;t even really have angry feelings towards myself, how I look or feel... Its everyone else who is on my nerves... and I just felt it would be only fair to pre warn and let you know that I like you , I think your great , I probably have nothing against you....... I'm just  really annoyed with everyone....and my wonderful sweet husband is getting the brunt of it so you don't have to!! Is that not so nice of him?

But If I have to pin a couple things that might have flared up this little problem .. it might be the fact my house is ripped apart from the kitchen reno.... I'm stuck downstairs with my kids all day cause my upstairs has tools and everything else for that matter laying around... I just want to get it done and cleaned up ..BUT of course everything is on hold.... can't do that job with out doing this first and the upper corner units are not in yet so we cant start that and bla bla bla.... 
Im just a little frustrated... I also have so many more things I want and need to do to get ready for this baby....and I just don't have the energy nor the time to get going on it .. so that makes me little annoyed 
also ..... O and this is the good one.. I got the cops called on me..... YEP you read it right !! 
long story short I was dropping off old kitchen chairs to salvation army and I parked left my kids in the car to run in and ask if they would take them.. came back out maybe 2 mins later and some lady was standing by my car talking on the phone and I NEW instantly she had called the police... she then watched me back the van up to the door and leave the kids again as I 31.5 weeks pregnant loaded all the chairs inside with no help ... the message that was left on my phone from the police said ... a women reported seeing a mother leave her two small children in the van as she ran in to shop, she then came back out and left them again this time with the van running..... WHAT!!! did she not see I was RIGHT there loading stuff two steps away into the door!!! and If anyone knows my children believe me they would have been in greater danger if I took them out of the car let them run around the parking lot ( that was packed) while I alone loaded the chairs inside!!! 
Come to think of it this might just be the main cause of my attitude change... 
hmmm well anyways sorry if I come across as being.....well not very nice !! I promise in 8.5 more weeks I will hopefully be back to my some what normal self!! 

Almost 32 weeks ... 8 more to go !


Amie said...

Oh my goodness, you look soo good! Ah that lady sounds crazy! Does she have children that she hauled out of the car for 2 minutes to run in a shop, WHILE pregnant. Didn't think so... I think anyone would be mad.

Amy said...

Holy crap, I'd be ticked!! Did you say anything to her? Have you talked to the police? Crazy.
I feel your reno-pain. You need a night out eh? Soon. :)

Moxley said...

I feel your frustration!! Some people are so rude and invasive! I think you look great, and as for your mood- don't worry it will all be solved in 8 weeks!

Cole and Paige Barnett said...

What were you thinking bringing your kids with you while you ran errands? Why didn't you just leave them at home unattended? haha....ONLY JOKING!
What a loonie.
I hope your pregnancy continues to go splendidly!