Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Drug Jounal entry #2

Journal entry #2
Ok week #10 and we have told our parents and sibling and couple days ago we told Hayden , we explained mom is always sick cause there a baby in her tummy .. Hayden replied with right now? and we said yes... He said  is it coming out right now? I thought this is why you wait ... but so far he has not mentioned it again which means he might not drive me crazy over it.. He is excited though and really hopes it a girl .. or both... I think one is just great !! I'm also still so sick ... can not eat sleep or do anything during the day cause I just want to be sick... so I wanted into night clinic tonight and got the miracle pill... and all I have to say is after 75$ ( and that was half off with our coverage so after 145$ for a bottle of little white pills they better work and you know THEY DO and there amazing ... the first day after taking one I wanted to eat and I wanted everything in sight , I think its cause I have no eaten anything for 2.5 months and my body was wanting to make up for it .. so in the past 4 days of being on it I have had subway , chocolate , big mac, soup, pop, chips, ice cream , bagels and the list can go on and on... I feel like a new person and well all of a sudden I'm enjoy this pregnancy again!! YAHOO!

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