Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Journal

 Journal #1 8 weeks along

Well so now that you all know that baby 3 is on its way I can finally start adding my pregnancy journal entry .... cause well there always so full of fun and surprises. I'm 8 weeks along now and I'm SO sick , sicker then I have ever been with either of my kids. so maybe that means a girl , maybe that means I'm getting older and this is just not getting easier. Whatever the reason I'm not enjoying it at all.. I LOVE food I have a good relationship with it , I love to eat! and the past 2 months I have hated every meal of the day , I prefer to just not eat though I make myself .....and then find myself disappointed in the way it tasted or the way I feel after .. My relationship with food is on hold and I'm looking forward to the day we can rekindle the spark.  My energy has also gone way done , the last month of summer my kids have spent on the couch in front of the TV so I can lay down and nap or just take a sit down and breath for a couple minuted before I gain another 5 min burst of energy ... my house has completely fell apart.. Which is why Im excited to say I have hired a cleaning ladie to deep clean for me once a month for 4 hours .. money well spent...  I keep saying 4 more weeks and this will be all done and I will be back to normal , keeping my fingers crossed on this one ... We have not told the kids yet and I'm really looking forward to telling Hayden , seeing Grayson will have no idea what I'm taking about , though his new favourite word is " baby" Hayden has really taken a liken to new babies , he wants to touch them and kiss them.. so I know he will be excited about his new baby sister .... ( not that we know but Hayden has informed me many times its a girl next and he won't take anything else )  Bradshaw wants to wait to tell them but I'm excited and want to let them know this week or the next .. I have my first apt this week and if all is well then will go ahead and start to let people know other then our family ... so much to look forward to !

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