Tuesday, September 6, 2011

26 Things you might just not know about me ...

1. I slept with my red baby blanket up till I was 20....
2. I had my ears pinned back in grade 3 , they stuck out LOTS!
3. I'm Metis and even have a official card to prove it...
4. I always wanted to go to Germany with my Grandpa vonChorus ... I never made it there before he passed away.
5.I LOVE Ketchup on my rice... DON"T say anything until you try it !
6. I played rep soccer for many years
7. I also figure skated for many many many more years ..
8. I have one webbed toe on my right feet , its little its hard to notice
9. I'm the oldest of 2 .. me and my sister are 10 years apart!
10. I lived one house down the street from my Grandma and Grandpa all my life
11. I had a doll named Sarah , I loved that name and wanted to name my girl Sarah-Lynn when I grew up
12. I clogged for 4 years every Tuesday , Thursday after school
13. I loved to dance and sing and would often go to the nursing home to put on shows for the residents
14. my favourite food when I was younger was Cesar salad..... and ice cream and I still can't get enough ice cream
15. I have lots of Best Friends, I'm lucky!
16. I have been married for 5 years
17 . I always wanted to have a older brother
18. We lived in Texas for 2 years and it was amazing ......and very hard!
19.I graduated from college with a CYC diploma , but I always thought I wanted to be a nurse....
20. I still can not make bread ,I SUCK at it ...
21. I love to pick .... anything really scabs , pimples, dead skin .. I know sick!!
22. I love being a mom more then anything ... even when my kids drive me CRAZY!!
23. I feel like sometime I have so much more I need to accomplish in my life but I just don;t know were to begin
24. I hate getting older.... but I love birthdays !
25. I have anxiety of anything happening to my family
26. every time I go to the dentist I have at least one cavity


Amy said...

Oooh, a Metis card. Does it get you any discounts on education? I have lots of native in my genealogy too, but sadly no card to prove it.
Good list, it's always fun to get to know you better.

Just Rhonda said...

GREAT list :) Hope it was a good birthday!