Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 things Im thinking about!

1. Summer is almost over, only couple weeks left of summer then back to school... Im not to sure what to think of that!

2. When w were at Costco last night we noticed not only were the Halloween stuff out but CHRISTMAS trees are set up and ready to go !! That is just SICK!!

3. I know I promised but Im still thinking about doing a craft sale this season... there just so much fun ..

4. Im looking forward to our last camping trip of the summer in Kalispell , not sure if its the camping part or the back to school shopping spree.... ( and we don't have anyone going back to school) !

5. Ok the last one is kinda a lie Hayden is so excited to start preschool 2 days a week in Sept , he asks every day when do I get to go to school?

6. Im trying to figure out what to put my kids in this fall, swim lesson , piano, indoor soccer?  I really don't want to busy our life up to much ...

7. Couple more weeks and were back into the swing of Tuesday night activities for young women's..... I better get on planing them!

8. BILLS BILLS BILLS .. why does it feel like sept / Oct bring so much more bills .. this year were budgeting ahead so we don't get caught off guard like we always do!

9. Hayden has officially out grown size 3T and is not 4T and even 5T ... how sad.. Grayson is fitting into all Haydens 2-3T things AT 19 months !!! I know crazy! 

10. It  feels great I cleaned out all my closets gave away tons of kids clothes and is now moving onto toys .. I WANT THEM ALL GONE!!

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