Monday, August 8, 2011

My baby is 4!

Hayden turned 4 last week...and I can not believe it he is just growing so fast and into such a nice young man! For his birthday this year he was lucky cause he got 3 birthday.. Bradshaw already informed me many times 1 would have been sufficient BUT we had his friends party... then there was the Thoms side ( small bbq, get together) then another small one on his real birthday while we were camping ... so it was nothing really to have 3....

Birthday Party #1 This was the year for spider man for Hayden ...and he loved it !

Birthday Party #2

Hayden wanted to have a movie birthday party so that's what we had...and it was alot of fun to do !

I really did not have much time with getting the party ready and wanted to keep it simple .. and I lucked out cause I was able to find most the stuff around our house or at the $1 store .. so it was super cheap ( like food decorations , hand out bags , entertainment..... the whole party $25)
 Popcorn cupcakes made with marshmallows

 I made popcorn so every kid could have one of these super cute bags with popcorn in it while they watched the movie..
 Everyone came in there pjs ready for the party!
 WE started with some crafts and of course CANDY!!
 Then we ate Haydens favourite .. hot dogs with chips and strawberries then opened up presents!
 Sang happy birthday to the birthday boy.....
 Then went down stairs got on the couch and waited for the projector to start with the movie ...
 The kids loved that the movie was on the wall and as was so big " just like a real movie theater"

Hayden had so much fun ... he could not wait to tell dad all about his party that night ... and mom was so happy to see dad home after the party so I could also have a rest ..

Party #3
Bradshaw met us in bc at the campground on Friday and was in charge of buying the birthday cake ... this is what he picked out ..... what do you think is it not the most fun cake ever for a birthday?

 WE out come candles and a happy birthday sign on it and it looked at little more like a birthday cake...

 He got a home made spider man quilt I made him and his spider man fishing rode and police hat.... He loved it and all the other neighbor kids in our campground also !


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