Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 5 things I MUST do!!!

I'm addicted to blogging again , I held myself back from checking up on everything I had missed out on with some of my favourite blogs and I caved in today and well I SOO want to have a craft day were I can just try out everything I have missed out on... SO here is my top 5 things I just so badly want to do .....when I find time of course!

( in no specific order)

#10 AMAZING play kitchen. out of a computer desk AWESOME!!

Check out her tutorial HERE

#9 Color color Color...
Its not so much the wicked chair its the color that I'm in love with, I want right now to find something that I can paint a bright fun color.... I'm thinking when I get my craft room make over  I'm going to try to paint a dresser I have a bright color... will see

#8 I'm starving right now so everything looks so good , BUT this looks amazing and I can't wait to try them out tomorrow on the grill... yummy
check out this easy recipe

We are camping almost every weekend this summer and taking a 12 day trip to bc to camp with the family and i thought THIS would be one really fun thing to do with the kids!!

PUT my order in with scentsy..... bring back the bar event is back and well all there amazing smells are here again...
you can not tell me that root beer float or watermelon patch does not sounds amazing...

I'M GOING TO TRY OUT THIS website full of great healthy recipes.... I always feel in the summer that I go through stages were one week I eat all fresh fruit, drink lots of water and then the next week I want chips and dip , a good old hot dog and pop....  I think I need to stop cause its catching up with me.... so I'm GOING to try to make one recipe a week that is super healthy... they look great !!

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Megan said...

I am hoping you are loving uour new Scentsy bars!!! Have you tried the rootbeer float yet?? I loveit!!! You can look at the new offers and fun things each month online on my website