Thursday, July 21, 2011

Right before my eyes....

This last week I have started to see things little different , Hayden has decided to grow up right before my eyes into a little boy...a couple things that have made me realize that he is no longer a baby are
. The other night he got up in the middle of the night , went to the bathroom all by himself then crawled back into bed, he never asked for our help or even called for me to tuck him back in.... It kinda broke my heart alittle!
. He picks out his clothes and wants to get dressed all by himself
. He thrives on being able to do things alone and all by himself with no help
. He told me today as he headed to his friends house across the street that " mom I want to go all by myself, I'm grown up and don't need you to come with me" aww once again my heart broke alittle
. Our best friends just had a baby and Hayden really wanted to see him , when has he ever cared about babies, But he asked over and over again to go see him and when we did he wanted to hold him and touch him and play with him.
. Also today his Preschool called to get things set up for Sept and make sure he was registered and ready to go. I hung up the phone and cried a little ...

 I'm so proud of how Hayden has grown up , but it gives me such mixed emotions, I'm sad , happy, excited , nervous and most of all i just miss this little baby that I once had ....and It scares me to death that one day Hayden won't need me the way he needs me now . That his snuggles and kisses that I receive on a daily basis will soon turn to things that are yucky..... and that his mom just won't be that important to him anymore. so I'm going to try my hardest to enjoy both my boys and not be short or annoyed with them when they need some mom time , or extra attention , a kiss or a snuggle cause one day they might just not need it anymore!

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