Thursday, July 21, 2011

Las vegas Part 1

We try every year to go to Vegas in June, and so this year we packed our bags and made it a party! We invited our really good friends from Texas to come along and wow was it so much fun! The kids for the most part were really good , Michaela ( my sister and babysitter) was so much help with them and Bradshaw also behaved so it turned out almost perfect!

So here is some of our highlights from the trip....  it might be more like ALL the highlights cause I can not decided which pictures to post cause there all so good and we just had so much fun how could I leave things out!! ( and I tend to take to many pictures , so fair warning there is lots)

We stopped in Great falls on the way to Bosmen to pick up some snack and groceries to pack for the plane ride... and we took grayson along to walk around , he loved this little cart he followed right behind me, just beaming , I  really do think he thought he was shopping cause he caught on pretty fast and started to stop and put things into the cart , we got to check out to discover a few odd things he must of added....He loved it!

 Hayden at the air port , I really was scared to take the kids this year , I had no idea how they would do with all the waiting and  helping out , I was worried that I would be caring all his stuff plus ours....and we had ALOT of stuff!! but he was just so excited to have this own bag and his own camera and to be going on an airplane.

Grayson on the other hand , not so good , our flight was delayed ( of course, it always is with allegiance) so we ended up not getting on the plane until almost 11.30pm and Grayson was done.... and of course we got to be seated first cause we get special privileges when your a family .. I think its more of a pain cause its that much longer you have to try to keep your child happy before the plane takes off... and I'm sure everyone who sat beside us was wondering when the cranky crying child was going to stop.... but as soon as the plane took off Grayson was out like a light!

Here's our view from our room... we LOVED the pool and so did the kids!

As everyone knows Hayden went missing a couple days before we left, as a result he got to wear this ugly back pack to remind him that taking off is BAD... and it worked he only wore it 5 mins and he was embarrassed.. All we had to say was do you want to put the backpack back on and he would stick like glue to us...

We also met up with our awesome Texas friends and it was great to see there kids.. Hayden is the same age as Gracie and he was so excited to see her again...

This is what our trip was all about ... swimming , swimming, swimming and pina colodas

 We did venture out to the Balliago to see the gardens and water show.. Hayden was mad cause he wanted to ride the rides and did not understand that it was just to look at ...

These guys had so much fun together , it was just a blast to be able to hang out together as the Beeville gang, but it made us want to pack up and move back....and take them with us. We have missed them so much and the kids had so much fun together!

Hayden was so excited to be able to go and see Bumble bee.... and by the looks of it bumble bee was more excited to stand next to Michaela...

all I have to say was this guy .... yes it was a guy, though we questioned it when we say him dance .... was so creepy !  later on in the week we saw him getting changed into his outfit in the parking lot we parked in and it was indeed a dude....and a old one at that who would of thought?

Hayden was glued to the hip with David, He must have remember him from Beeville and how much he played with him then cause he just loved being around him again!

the night we went on the strip the boys were so tired it did not take long before they were fast asleep..

Hands down the best restaurant on the trip... I know all you Amercians have  heard of this places a million times but we had not and it was awesome .. Bradshaw would of ate it every day if he could of... Steaks and shakes all there meals 3.99 and you could build your own steak burger... and it was a fun 50s dinner!

Day 5 Circus Circus .... and well Hayden cried most of the time not cause he did not like the rides it was more because he never wanted to get off!! the boys loved it including Bradshaw who went back later the night with Mic and David to do the rides.. he came back to the hotel sick .. he must be getting old!

Stay tuned for Las Vegas PArt 2 ...Coming soon...

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