Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good bye Sugar bugs!

The boys did such a good job getting there teeth cleaned.... They were both pretty excited to be able to sit in Dads magic chair ...and get there sugar bug all cleaned away by him...

 Waiting so patiently for there names to be called... ( OK Hayden waiting patiently , Grayson was a mad man like usual, I was just able to snap and pic at the right time to make it look like he is such a nice and quiet little boy)

Hayden sat so still and did not move, He spit when we told him to, he opened his mouth the whole time and the sounds did not even both him... I was so impressed!

Grayson on the other hand was 100% opposite.... He let us put the bib on and that's it , he freaked when the chair went back , he would not open his mouth ... so instead
Daddy just counted his teeth for him....that lasted 2 mins... They both did enjoy the book and toy box though.. SO I would say it was a pretty good success... we hand no screaming crying children!

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