Sunday, June 19, 2011

To long /Happy Fathers day!

quick side note ...... our computer is broken once again!! We got a new one from my parents couple weeks ago and not more then a week after the hard drive decided to just go on it .. so were back to waiting patiently for it to come back ... just for the record it has now been..... almost 3 months with no computer ... and I really miss it now ... but it has been so nice !! so now that you know why I have not been very good with updating or having pictures on my posts .. you know  the reason!

Now onto Fathers day!
 Top 3 reasons why I love my father.....1.He is always there whenever you need help.
2. He is the most caring person I know, He works so hard for everything he has and he would not stop for a second to share with his children....
3. He makes me laugh .....

Top 3 reasons why I love Bradshaw ...
3. He is a kid himself , which means he is super fun to be around!
2. He does whatever he can to help me with the kids, make my day little better , or make me a happier mommy!
1. HE is the most wonderful example for my boys of how to treat a lady, how to work hard and how to be more like Christ!

Top 3 reasons why the kids love daddy....
3. He gives me kisses
2. He plays with me ad tickles
1. He loves me ...

Happy fathers day your amazing!

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