Monday, June 13, 2011

Thinking of you today!!

It was 4 years ago today that my Grandpa von Chorus passed away.... and I can honestly say I have thought about him every day since then. When I was growing up I lived next door to my grandparents , I often found myself spending most of my days and almost every night at there house , spending time and learning from them. He took me skating every other morning at 6am and would sit at the rink and watch me , he was my biggest fan and not just in skating but any sport I played, He took "time" to listen or to help you with whatever you needed... I have never met anyone like him.... He was an amazing example of someone who loved the simple things in life .. you could often find him sitting in his lawn chair in the back with his legs crossed enjoying his beautiful backyard... and one of the first thing you noticed was the ridiculous tan line that showed on his thighs and then the one around his ankles... and it was sure indication of the time he spent outside. Following close behind was always one or even two of his grandchildren , we have all spent many hours going for walks , bike rides , working in the garden , car rides, sporting events , hikes, camping , road trip or just watching tv down stair next to him... I really could go on and on about this man , and just how amazing he was, how he touch all of our lives and things we will always remember about him.
I wish more then anything I could just sit with him for another 5 minutes to have a little chat about life , ask him advice on raising boys and what I should do differently with our yard and how to take care of our garden. I would want him to meet my boys and for them to also have the privilege of meeting the most amazing person I have ever known... but the truth is I know they have already met him it was just not here on earth , as Hayden was born a couple weeks after he passed he often tells me about great grandpa , and I can not help but wonder how many walks they were able to go on together before he was sent down to his earthly home... I will always miss him and continue to think about him every day until the day comes were I get to sit down with him again and have a nice long chat about life's simple little things!! I love you so much Grandpa , Thanks for ALL you have done!

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Angela said...

Good Grandparents are one of lifes Greatest Blessings!