Thursday, July 7, 2011

VERY exciting news!!

WE HAVE got our computer back , it is fixed and working ... after almost 5 months , 2 lab tops ,one new broken hard drive and a missing charger ...we have got our new lab top back with a power cord.... THANK goodness, cause I was about to go batty if I could not get online to pay my bills or up date my blog for another month!!! and since we have gotten it back TODAY!! I have been kinda addicted to it! MY blog has been on my mind for months now and everything I  have been missing with my posts, and I have been wanting to up date it forever .. so I have up loaded tons of photos and will be adding them every day until I am finally caught up !!! awwww shy of relief!
So here we go......

Blog post #1
Hayden's First sleep over
Don't ask me when this  was cause it was so long ago I have no idea when.... I'm guessing a couple months ago... We borrowed the projector from one of my good friends and let the kids watch a movie on it like a theater... Hayden was so excited to have his cousin sleep over one night and with out his mom...

 Then in the morning we let them paint there Easter eggs before we headed back to Magrath to drop of his cousin...

Post #2  OUCH!!
Grayson is always hurting him.... but this one was pretty bad.... Grayson did this months ago and he STILL has a bump on his head !

Post #3
40 bags for 40 DAYS !!!

I cleaned out 40 BAGS in 40 DAYS and It felt amazing .. i just gave away ... and never looked back!
We got every room cleaned out the kitchen ,front entrance , toy room , under the stairs and the shed.... but the sad part is..... I finished it 3 months ago and I kinda want to do it again...I have a disease its called binge and purge... and It all because its garage sale season , and I take to many trips to the united states of America!

and I just realized how you might think from these photos I belong on hoarders I promise Its not that bad... but I'm sure that's what they all say!!

Post #4
WARNING some might find this disturbing , but I'm so PROUD I could not help but post it!!
Hayden has decided its time to pee standing up and he has done such a good job... he even wipes the toilet seat after ... really could I ask for anything better then that?
O the fruit loops are what he aims for !! It works!


to be continued.......

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