Monday, May 16, 2011

so far behind....

I am so behind and its honestly not even funny, I don't think I have felt this overwhelmed since college....and all because I'm about 30 post behinds and I have so much to say and just not enough time in a day.....BUT good news we got our computer back last week and the thing was was broken is now fixed....bad news the cord decided to stop working on it , which means were back to square one , I know your thinking we should just suck it up and buy a new computer...well that was the plan this past week. ( side note) we also planned on  building a deck in our yard  because Bradshaw was off all last week , BUT when my husband went to go buy the wood he soon found he in his words "  I'm not sure how but I'm kinda off on the pricing of what it is going to cost to build it" and he informed me this after we ripped up the ground and moved all the dirt and started the project so $ 300 extra we decided to maybe hold off on the computer for now , seeing we dug into our las Vegas trip money envelope to pay for all the extras this week.... so now I'm sitting on my parents computer wondering how I'm going to jam 30 plus posts ( not even kidding)  into one post , and I don't even have my camera to upload the photos... WHO likes post with no photos ...NO ONE!!! so I will spare you ...and just say your going to have to wait just alittle longer!!
couple good things this week though that I can mention cause they don't include photos is....
1. I won something YAHOO!! I never win anything but i won a draw from one of my friends Abby Metz she is a incredible interior designer ..... worth to check out so please do! she will make over one of my rooms.. so cool hey, only problem is I have no idea what room to get her to do... I'm thinking my craft room, that could be fun!! and then I will have a reason to use it !

2. 1 month and some till our Beeville reunion in Las Vegas so excited to see everyone

3. we got our back yard some what done and it feels great !!

4. I got a small but its definitely there the sun !

5. yes the most exciting news is that Bradshaw and I are excited to say.......... you will have to wait till the next blog post to find out! :) now don't start any rumors yet !!


Amy said...

Hmmm, I have a guess.
I hear ya on being behind in the blogging. Just take it one day at a time, I'm slowly getting back on track.
You lucky stinker, you won Abby's services?! Nice! I can't wait to see before and after pics, haha ANOTHER blog post for ya.

Just Rhonda said...

I am so jealous you won Abby's thing too!!!! :) You seriously could use our other computer for a while if you want!!
AND what is it......