Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 3.... Busy busy!

Well day 3 and I'M STILL I am exhausted though, today was busy... Grayson was wide awake at 6.45 am.... Totally not like me but the first thing I did as jumped in the shower and got dressed , because I new today was going to be pretty busy. I fed the boys did my coat #2 of paint on Hayden's room ( almost done ) then I packed the boys up in the warm clothes with snacks and Headed to the cemetery. My dads very close friend passed away last week and the grave side service was today.
It kinda always stops and makes you think when someone passes on, I thought about how short our life here on earth really is... how we just have no idea when our time is up.. and that made me think about how I just need to be better , as a wife , mother, daughter , sister ......
The boys waited in the car watching a movie till I came back , It was FREEZING out , my feet were numb, got to love this crazy weather! I then dropped them off at the cousins so I could  go over to the memorial part and dinner , it was a nice break to just be able to sick and do nothing!
WE came back home for Grayson to have a short nap and then packed them back up to meet my family for dinner at the cheesecake.. My little sister is headed to Cuba tomorrow for choir... I have been trying to figure out all day how I find away to go , Cuba sounds just so nice and warm and relaxing...awww... I guess I will just keep dreaming. 
I picked up some more paint on our way home to start our bedroom tomorrow ( I'm super excited , but I don't know how much energy I will have left to do it , I honestly am having a hard time typing cause my arms are so soar from hauling Grayson around everywhere and painting ) I know I'm a whimp!
Bed time was a success both kids went to bed ...  .. andI know amazing. I'm SO grateful for that! so really other then the fact that I'm pooped from running around all day and having to get up 4 days in a row now at or before 6am .. so far so good ! I almost could even say I could do this more....ALMOST! 
I found my cord  for my camera so here is the updates of the room so far..

Hayden's room before, I started.... Its the only room in the house that is the original paint color... this ugly tan green color.. BLA IS the word I think of!

 ok and its so messy...
 Grayson worked hard he sat on this blow up bed with his snacks watching me paint for like a hour..
 One wall painted....3 more to go...
 2 walls done.. now I just need to put on a couple more coats of the white...

 Hayden made the bed for me... not to bad... still have to finish the corners..

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