Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 4 .... Almost there!

So Day 4.... If I could pick a word to describe today it would be....BORING! I'm really starting to miss my husband , I miss talking to him , telling him about my day... being bored and doing boring things together.. its just no fun when its my all alone by myself...
Anyways , I'm also super tired today ( OK I know I sound like I'm complaining .......and well I AM! ) My sister stayed over last night , she was having some boy problems and me being the older sister felt the need to get up and talk with her when she got home.. so at 11pm I got up comforted her and then her and I talked about "stuff" I'm not complaining about this cause I LOVED it, every minute of it... I kinda have waited to for her to be old enough to have a bf and go through all of it so I could be there to help her out ... it just put my bed time to pass 1am...and well I'm running of some lack of sleep as it is right now , Thanks to Grayson and his early morning routine... Anyways he got me up at 6am this morning and I honestly don't remember what happened next.. umm I think I got him a bottle and fell back to sleep .. he talked a while but then fell back to sleep also till 7.30 am AWW heaven!  We said good bye to Auntie kayla , wished her a wonderful trip to Cuba and then we proceeded to do nothing all day! Hayden and Grayson fought for the most part Grayson pulled out everything from the pantry and then dumped the crackers on the floor... He also walked for the first time ( meaning he took 3 steps to the table from the chair) very exciting , he also said boooo that means bow in case you did not catch it! He chased bow my parents dog around the house all day. Hayden went out to supper with uncle Matt to MC Donald's ( nothing like a healthy well balanced meal) and then he went to his first Lethbridge Hurricanes hockey game... It should be interesting to see if he sat through more then 5 mins of it! I almost finished Haydens room .. I still have to touch up paint and do the corners.. but I can not move my arms ( from painting and hauling Gryason around for 4 days ) so I will do it next week..  I want to find some old baseballs to fill up a clear tall vase I have for his bed, I also need to finish sewing the pillows and hang some more stuff but its coming.. Pics to follow...
Anyways I'm going to go have a hot shower and get mentally and physically prepared for church tomorrow.. Im not looking forward to sacrament with the boys!!
 Hayden heading to the hockey ga
 Still have to add a bunch of stuff but its getting there..
 I loved these pictures , I found them at liqudation world for super cheap and got them , I liked them more then the other piece I had picked up.. Theres all ways somewarm else in the house I can use it the guest room..hmmm

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Just Rhonda said...

I'll have to come and see the room when it's all done!!!! He's almost home now!