Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 2 .....and doing pretty well

I wish I could find the camera cord to up load the photos from today! so you will have to wait until tomorrow cause I'm NOT going to start digging around for them if I wake up the boys .. o that will not be good!
Anyways day 2 well Grayson woke me up once in the middle of night around 2am.. I never got to sleep until  midnight cause I was worried about Bradshaw and that I did not set the alarm right to wake up Shala on time.. so it was  a GREAT night ! Grayson woke up at 5am for the morning ..wonderful eh ...but on the plus note I was able to start Hayden's painting job in his room.. I was able to get all the blue on the one wall done by 8am ( I would insert the picture here If I had the cord)

Shala was up and ready by quarter to 8 which NEVER happens were usually 10 minutes late... dropped her off then came back to Get Grayson ( my neighbor and friend Mandy  kept him , cause I new he would fall asleep in the car if I took him and I wanted  to him to lay down when I got back so I could also) ....O Hayden stayed at my moms all morning if your wondering were my other child is..... so we took some naps had lunch .. Grayson and I did some shopping to finish up Hayden's room...Spray paint .thrift store lamp to redo..material for pillows and the lamp shade....pillows...also two new chairs for my living room which was a STEAL of a deal and there new!! that's another post!

When we got home is when I was wishing Bradshaw was home.. both boys found my paint .. painted white on my finished blue wall... painted paint on Hayden and Grayson new paints..I will admit I almost lost it on them...Grayson cried almost for 30 minutes .. not sure why.. then at 5pm we went over to eat supper at the Elfords.. It was nice to not have to think of dinner... I don't do good cooking for myself or the kids.. I like to cook but i feel more motivation when its for our family ...does that make sense? Bed time went really well Grayson was so overtired it took nothing to get him down , Hayden had a bath got into his new pjs we read said prayers then he crawled into his Dora bed on my floor..( I hope to have his room done tomorrow so he can sleep in there, will see I'm thinking that is wish full thinking) both kids were out by 7.30pm... I was alittle lost but I found the paint brush and got back to work on the room... now I'm waiting for my husband to call so I can go to bed .... It is amazing when you get up at 5am how long your day feels!!

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