Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 1

OK so this Is Day 1 of 5....and your wondering day 1 of what? Well call me a baby or maybe spoiled, but I have not been away from Bradshaw for more then 2 nights and he left me today for a medical coarse in Edmonton for 5 WHOLE nights.....and im left with the kids... Im a little stressed out , I have never had to do it all by myself for 24 hours let alone umm lets see 24 times 5 is 120?  Anyways the point is during the day when I have the kids its ok , when its a bad day or they are cranky cause I know at 5pm Bradshaw will be home to help... not this time.. so I thought it would be fun to write a journal entry every night about how im doing... its should be interesting ..

But as for day 1.... well Grayson lost his soother ( he  will only take one kind and it is only found in the states) so we went soother hunting today... none of them worked he just kept screaming...but on a plus note I found a random in the bathroom tonight .. Thank goodness .. now to not lose this one..or I will be in BIG trouble this weekend!

Hayden cried for a hour after Bradshaw left.... I'm not sure why he  was so tired I think he was just crying to cry!   But on another plus my mom took Him over to her house to have a sleepover...

and Shala our down syndrome girl that stays with us on Tuesday and wensday nights had been a great helper for me so thats good!
So so far so good nothing to hard .. hope Grayson decided to sleep tonight , seeing I have to get Shala up and ready and dropped off at the bus by 8am tomorrow..... and well I have also decided to use this time away from Bradshaw to get some things done around the house that he normally would get mad at me  for starting ( I like to start projects and not finish them ) But with my dads help were going to rip the bathroom apart and re tile , add a new vanity and sink , paint and change the lights and door .. I also want to paint Haydens Bedroom and very important I want to get in some good chick flicks that I could not get him to watch with me... will see how well we do .. I will give some before picture tomorrow before I start my projects!

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