Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Finally I found it .. Remember way back on one of my post in Dec I said I had lost my old camera and could not find it .....Finally...I found it...and just as I remember there was some "great" photos on there of the kids at Christmas... so yes its alittle late , but they are classics and MUST be added...
..Yes it is what you think it is.. Hayden's First time peeing outside and standing up I must add... It was a proud mommy moment so I quickly got the camera to capture the moment!

 Hayden's new favourite thing is the Little rascals movie... He could watch that show over and over again if I would let him.. and part he loves the most and well he rewinds ( yes you read it right rewinds...were old school and use VHS still. you should of seen us trying to teach Hayden how to use the rewind button) anyways the part he rewinds over and over again is when they race there homemade car at the end of the movie.. One day I walked into the toy room and found Hayden on his "race car" driving along with the boys on the movie...I must say pretty creative!

 During Christmas break We decided we needed to really teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas and when we thought about how we could do that we thought about serving ....... so we dressed Hayden up in a Santa custom and Grayson in a Elf custom ( no I did not make the elf one , my Grandma made it for my brother when he was Hayden's age) so it is super old well at least 20 years old!
 Hayden was so good , he did not shy away from them at all . We went room to room and wished each resident a Merry Christmas and Hayden would hand them a candy cane....
 Grayson even helped out... It was Wonderful to see the boys so eager to visit them and share there candy .. and it was even better to see the excitement on the residents faces..
 IT was time well spent , and out family felt lucky to spend some time with other "grandma and Grandpas" as Hayden called them.

 a little background info .. my mom has worked at Extendicare nursing home for over 30 years and it has come to be almost a 2 home for me .. She brought me to work with her all the time when I was little, My brother Matt  walked the halls wearing this same elf suit , we spent many holidays here as a family visiting with the residents I even worked here when I was old enough, working in the kitchen , house keeping and also helping my aunt in the hair dressing room.. Now couple weeks after our visit this nursing home was shut down... bitter sweet I guess...but sad also ... So I'm so glad I was able to spend one last "family" trip there with my kids wandering the halls with them lifting the spirits of many...

Christmas is not Christmas unless you visit the live nativity ... it was Freezing cold .. we did not bring a big blanket ( don;t ask me what I was thinking) Grayson lost his soother in the middle and we were stuck right in the middle between families and could not move to look for it... But Hayden absolutely LOVED it ..
 He cried when it was time to go , he wanted to stay and watch it another time, even though he was freezing.
We talked to him after and he told us that he felt warm inside... we explained that it was the spirit telling him it was true and filling him full of love.. It was a great way to end our Christmas!

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Amy said...

We still use VHS all the time too.
And I will never forget to bring a big blanket to the live Nativity again, wow so cold!!