Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time for some Changes...

Its that time of the year again , were I usually sit down and come up with lists of things I want to change in my life and do better at. But like every year I make goals and they last a couple months then the desire rubs off..... But this year I decided to involve my family in coming up with a family plan to make our family better , so this year we will have help from each other ... and when you tell Hayden something he will remind you every day and not let you forget, so I figure this plan should work better!

One of our main goals came from me reading a book called the Time starved family by Deanne Flynn. She is a lds author with 7 kids who helps you break from the hectic stressful over scheduled life styles our families are now facing. It is a must read if your a family that feels that you are nearly trying to survive life not thrive in it.... my favourite part by far is the beginning of the book when is compares life today to how life was for our parents ... how kids played with anything, how there imagination were there friends and how now us parents feel the need to find friends for our children. Were busy arranging play dates , setting up classes and scheduling there days with activities. Is that you , cause this hit home base with me the instance I read it ... and I new this book was for me!

so our changes for the year has stemmed from this book....
. Spend more family time together , playing together, and working together.
. involving our kids in our daily routines to help teach them life skills( folding and putting away laundry , make dinner , packing the church bag and so one)
. Not over scheduling ourselves
. Cutting tv time in half for the boys
. staying on a family  budget
. Becoming a Strong more spiritual family

I'm excited to see how it will play out for us when we put our plan into far this past couple weeks have been 100% better... whats your new years goals for the year?

Heres some our pictures from this years News years party in Bow island and our Medicie Hat hotel trip!

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Just Rhonda said...

Sounds like a great book.