Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 1st Brithday Grayson!

WOW I can not believe that Grayson is already one ,this year just flew by. I can still remember like yesterday bringing him home from the hospital... I was looking back on my journal and noticed I never wrote "Grayson story" like I had Hayden's so I thought seeing I can still remember it like yesterday then his first birthday post would be a good one to write it ..... so those who could care less and hearing about his birth story then fast forward to the photos ...

Jan 12 journal entry :" I'm ready to have this baby , I'm excited to meet it hold it and love it , so I'm heading to go get some acupuncture , hope it works and by the end of the night I have this baby in my arms"
( nothing like wishful thinking ) I did go get acupuncture it was nothing like I thought it was going to be , definitely not something to do if your trying to relax... It was moderately painful not bad at all , only part that hurt was when Peter would turn the needles and move them around .. I instantly got very mild braxton hicks on and off during the treatment. That night I continued to have them on and off but nothing to bad... I remember wishing they would get harder( now you know I was desperate to get him out if I was wishing that) I slept good that night and was kinda disappointed when I awoke the next morning with no baby in my arms. The next day went on like normal , I took Hayden to the mall to do some shopping ( more like waste time and work out) I walked around the mall for 3 hours then decided my poor feet and back could not handle any more. We got ready for bed and did our normal routine for bed. around 11pm I started to feel some lower  back pain , but thought nothing of it ... closer to midnight I was finding it harder to get to sleep I felt like I was having menstrual cramps and lay ed on a heating pad until I feel asleep. I think it was around 2am that I was starting to notice that my cramping in my back was still there ( nothing bad that I could not handle or even sleep through ) I had no idea it was the beginning of labor cause with Hayden I did not get any back pain at all. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom and it was there that I noticed that I was bleeding lots and  quickly felt the butterflies come into my stomach. I ran into the bedroom and announced to Bradshaw what was happening , He gave me a blessing before we got our bags and decided we better head to the hospital to get checked out. I think we packed Hayden up in the car as my mom was going to meet us there and to take him to there house. Once I got up and started to move around I started to feel the pain move to my stomach and new that I was probably  already having contractions but they were in my back. I was excited to get to the hospital and get checked in. Once I got there I was taken upstairs to the maternity wing and the contractions were coming about 6-5 mins apart .They checked me out and I found out I was only 2 cms dilated and almost everything about my body was not ready to have a baby yet.. I was so bumbed out , They told me to go home and come back when my contractions were 5 mins apart.." what I'm already at 5!" I was not impressed... so off we went , we headed to walmart so we could walk around and get my contractions coming stronger, but at 3am everything seemed to be closed , so we stopped off at Macs before heading back to my parents house to fill our cell phone card up, I remember having a really hard contractions in the van. Knowing no one was in there with me  I thought that would be a prefect time to not have to put on a brave face and just let the pain out. I'm sure everyone in Macs could hear me crying and panting through it but it did feel amazing to just scream! We headed back to my parents house, were everyone met me with questions. Let me try and paint the picture for you of the next 4 hours.... Contractions every 5 mins getting strong but not closer, me passing the floor of my parents house , while Bradshaw was fast asleep on the couch. Hayden asking me a million questions and wanting me to snuggle with him because he was extremely over tired, and my mother asking me how I was every couple minutes.. I wanted to be at the hospital so bad, actually any were but at my parents house would of be just great! I had about enough of Hayden and needed him asleep so I laid next to him in bed trying to be as quite as I could possibly be so he would just fall asleep.. do you know how hard it is to lay on your side while having major contractions in your back and stomach... and having to not move or make a sound! Thankfully he fell asleep relatively fast... at about 7am I was able to fall asleep , when I woke up about 45 mins later I realized that I had gone about 45 mins without a single contraction and was so upset , was everything stopping? I honestly was about to get up and get my shoes on so I could go for a run around the block when  the contractions started coming super hard and super fast , with in 5 mins , they were about 3 mins apart and super strong. We jumped into my parents van ,I sat in the back holding on to the seat for dear life. We got dropped off at the front door ( the lady told us when we came back to go and check in with the front) it took me about 5 mins just to make it to the admissions desk, I thought I was going to die! The lady told us we had to go all the way to the emergency desk in the back , I could not believe it she was going to make a big fat lady in full labor walk to the emergency desk are you kidding me ... so about 15mins and 6 contractions later I finally got there and sat my self in a wheel chair while Bradshaw checked me in , the nurse came around the corner and new by looking at me I need to get up there asap... so we left Bradshaw and she ran me up to the maternity wing . As soon as I got in the room the first thing I shouted out was I want my epidural NOW!! they checked me I was 6cm and my water had not broke yet , the nurse told me if we could keep my water from breaking I had a good chance of having my epidural , but if it went I would probably have this baby out in 1 hour tops.. I remember wanting to cross my legs in hopes that would keep it from breaking .. stupid Idea I know but it made sense in my eyes.. I got my iv and soon after the Anesthesiologist  came in .. I was so relieved I forgot just how much pain you had when you were in labor and I was starting to shut down . my epidural was amazing I could sleep and just wait and actually walk around , I even got up and went to the bathroom.. I know amazing!! This time around I got super itchy , which was little different then with my first! I had an awesome nursing student who was great and could not be any more excited for me and herself , I would be her first baby she would help deliver. After my water was broke I only had to wait a short 20 mins or so then It was time to push.... I also had a nursing team come watch and a resident doctor who had never delivered a baby before .. so you can imagine the room was packed with excited people. A little awkward but never the less I could care less at that point I was so close to see this baby! I pushed about 25 mins and at 12.35 Grayson Robert McClung was born .. I remember not even caring what it was , I just wanted to see it, and when I did see him the first thing I thought was holy cow do you look like Hayden. I loved him instantly, I felt my heart triple in size in a instant. I was so excited to have another little boy and I new Hayden would fall in love with him as quickly as we did. I can\t remember much after that... I think they cleaned him up and did the normal stuff , all the nursing student gathered and gave us the congrats. Our Dr did a pretty good job for being his first  ,Dr Gibb had to help him at the end literally pull him out but I was grateful for that! Grayson was so perfect ( other then the mark on his head that Dr Gibb gave him when he broke my water)
I feel so blessed every day to have him in our family , He has added so much love stress and gray hair all at the same him, but I would not trade it for the world.... We love you because

. This past year you have brought so much happiness and love into our little family

.Because you have a smile that everyone can not help but love
. you keep me thin.... thanks to your never ending energy and having to constantly run after you ( the stairs the garbage,cleaners,fridge and the toilet , its never ending )

. You give the best snuggles

. You love being around your brother

. You help me to see what is truly important in life

 . Your laugh is so contagious
. you make me want to be a better mom for you and Hayden every day

and Because you really are the most amazing little boy, I feel so blessed everyday to have you and Hayden in my life , I often wonder how our Father in Heaven could trust me with such a precious little spirit like! Happy 1st birthday my little stinker!


Amy said...

I enjoyed reading his birth story, thanks for sharing.
What a cutie and a blessing to your family.

mbmcclung said...

Thanks Amy , Im only a year behind with recording it .. but I thought it might be something that I would want to write down before I fogot everything!