Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas in a nut shell...

This Christmas flew by , I can not believe that it is already Jan 2011 , and Christmas is taken down and packed up for another year... and I'm just now getting to my blog.... so here is Christmas in a nut shell from the McClung.....( O  i am currently looking for my old camera which included TONS of GREAT photos , which will have to be added at a later date, if I can wrap my mind around were I have left it)

Post #1 A hand made Christmas

So this year I was crazy  in thinking that I was going to get ready for 2 large craft sales ( which I sewed large felt playhouses that go over a card tables ) I will show you on another post when I find that dang camera! and also do a hand made Christmas for everyone I normally buy present for ( which also be on the next post, once again when I find my camera and I take pictures of the things I made for everyone) and I had it in my mind that I wanted to change all my Christmas decorations and colors from blue and silver to green and red ..... and not just that but |I wanted to MAKE everything!! how I did it I'm not sure .. well I do know but it was not pretty and need less to say I learned alot this Christmas and I will NEVER be doing it again! ( Bradshaw this is for you... I will never do another craft show and a homemade Christmas at the same time ever again!) but anyways here is the decorations I was able to finish this year for my home...

Thanks Abby I loved this idea for an Advent calender , and so did the kids... each day I left a treat and we read a story that went along with the day... truthfully we were so busy we only really made it to maybe day 13... will do better next year!

Post #2
Thom family annual light of the tree and birthday party!
since Michaela was born we have made it a rule of thumb that on or around her birthday we are aloud to put the Christmas tree up , not any sooner then the 20th of Nov and no later then her birthday the 25th of Nov... So this year we decided to have everyone over to put up the Christmas tree...
and like always it was
.stressful and  tensions were high with everyone
.The kids were crabby and wanted there hands on everything
.I was busy and stressing in the kitchen over all the finger food
. Bradshaw was mad he had to put the tree up in the first place
.When we untangled the lights we found that half of them did not work , so off Bradshaw went to buy more
.Then we got back to realize that we had no hangers for all the new bulbs we had bought so off her went a second time
. Then when we got the ribbon on I realized I did not buy enough, Bradshaw this time said " I'm not going to Michael's to buy more , so make it work" I rememeber I had some more in the back of the van.... It was different but we made it work!
. Between the kids crys , the Christmas music going in the background , the sarcasm of Bradshaw and I, and my Grandma just talking our ear off ..... I thought for a split second I was going to loss it .. but all in all I think it was a pretty good night , no one got killed so that's good !

Post #3 Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house...

Hayden and Uncle Matt leaving there note for Santa

 Opening up our Christmas eve pjs

 This year at Target we found these awesome pjs in the youth section and decided they would make great Christmas present for a few people we new, we also picked up a pair as a joke for us and my brother.... they looked much bigger then they were , when we got them on they were kinds small.... but it was worth the laugh!

 Post #4 
Christmas day is finally here

Hayden was so excited this year, he asked almost every day , " Can we open our presents yet?"
I would reply with "no not till christmas"...and he would respond with "but it is Christmas"!
So when we told him he could open his presents he was so excited he could hardly stand it!
Grayson with his stocking
 This year along with hand made presents , Hayden saved up his money and in hi Christmas Jar and I took him to the $1 store so he could buy presents all by himself...and he was so excited to give everyone there present he had bought them. It was great to see he was almost more excited to give him presents then recieve them... He got uncle Matt a bow and arow
Auntie Kayla: nail polish remover and one color
Grandma and Grandpa: flutes ( so they can play music together)
Bow: a dog bone

 and Hayden got his Monster truck from Santa..." he brought it"!
 and Grayson was most excited about the box and wrapping paper... he was easy to please!



Dustin, Rachelle & Jaxon Ririe said...

Those PJs are awesome! I want some!!!

Amy said...

Haha, I love your brutal honesty. It's good to know there are other "normal" families out there.