Monday, January 17, 2011

Manners ..whats that?

Ok so I'm thinking that Hayden might need another lesson on manners and what should be said and what should be kept to himself ... example:
#1 Hayden ,Grayson and I went to the mall today to waste some time and find a few presents , as we were coming around a corner , Hayden spotted a little handicapped boy who was wearing a helmet.. He quickly said " mom look that boy has something on his head" of course he said it loud enough that everyone in the store heard him including the little boys family. I stopped and explained to him 1. we don't point at anyone 2. if you have something to ask or say please say it quietly to mommy 3. It bad manners to say things that might hurt someones feels . I felt like he understood it and that I had put a stop to his embarrassing questions for the day.. I was so wrong we were just starting..

Example #2. about 3 seconds after we had our "Chat" we rounded the next corner to find a man about 39 and over weight using a cane to assist him in walking, Hayden quickly brought his finger up and pointed in his direction saying why does that old man have a cane? I stoped and explained in a scarier more I mean it voice , that people sometime have canes or wheelchairs to help them , and how it was not nice to call him old or point at him. once again He said sorry and we were off

Example# 3 about 30 mins after that we went into a store I had my back to Hayden and was looking through some clothes when one of the store workers walked by.. Hayden called out to me " mom ... mom was that a boy or a girl?" I quickly turned around to him and gave him the glare....  I was so embarrassed... I tried covering it up as good as I could and I whispered to him how mad I was... and then we quickly left the store..

Example #4. About 2 hours after that we decided to go out for dinner as a family , Hayden had to go to the bathroom and so Bradshaw took him, Bradshaw informed me after that Hayden decided to put his hands all over the the pee stopper in the urinal. Bradshaw explained to him how gross that was and that that was were grown men pee and so we don't touch that , its full of germs... a man walked into the restroom while Bradshaw was washing his hand , Hayden turned with curiosity and watched then announced that the man was peeing in the adult potty... and that his pee was going in the whole....

Example #5. 15  mins later Hayden had to go to the potty again.. it was my turn so I took him.. as we were finishing up Hayden said " mom shhhh I hear pee.. that lady beside us is peeing out of her bum" Great Hayden!
So as you can see thats alot of bad manners for one day , I'm thinking that next weeks FHE lesson will be on BAD manners .. I think until then I will be keeping him inside away from other people!


Amy said...

Sorry, but I found this whole post HILARIOUS!

The Wolff Den said...

I am sorry, but I'm having to try so hard to not laugh so loud right now. Oh what I have to look forward too, I guess it's funnier when it's not your kid, hey? :)

mbmcclung said...

ok First of all Rachel what are you doing up on the ocmputer at 4.43am..... and you have so much to look forward to !!

O know its hard not to laugh when he does things like this .. but let me tell you I was not laughing at all when he asked about the boy or girl thing!