Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FHE with Hayden

This past Monday night Family home evening ended up turning into Hayden teaching Bradshaw and I about Heaven. It was interesting to hear with the things that he came up with knowing that we had never really talked about it before. You can't not help but think to yourself " how does he know this stuff, does he remember something I don't?" Never the less It ended up being a lesson full of questions and lots of learning and the spirit.. Its incredible what you can learn from your children here is just a few things we learned.....
Q Who goes to heaven?
Hayden's answer: Great Grandpa, moms and dads and lots and lots of Children, good people

Q : what does it look like there?
Hayden's A: There is a road there and you have to cross over it to go to heaven and a big building

Q: what kind of people are in heaven?
Hayden's A:  everyone is born in heaven

Q are you going to go to heaven?
Hayden's A: ya you go into a car and then you crash and then you go to heaven , but its not scary because you are never alone.
( I'm not sure what to think about this one)

Q: Is there lots of babies in heaven?
Hayden's A: yep they want to come live with us.

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