Sunday, January 23, 2011

A baby shower for Darci

I'm looking forward to throwing this baby shower for Darci on Friday , see she has just had a girl and I being kinda a girlie girl I'm just so thrilled I finally get to decorate everything all cute and in "pink" I know I'm probably going way over board but  I'm just so excited that its pink! My Beehives are going to help me out with everything so It should not be that hard right .. but here's the vision I have so far....
White table clothes and chair backs with pink sashes on the chairs. Centerpieces I'm still working on but I have a good idea brewing.
.scraped banner with pink and brown colors held up with clothes pins.
. lots of pink and white and brown fabric
. party favors will be little bags with kisses in it that will have a tag saying something along the line of Thanks lots of kisses from Rylin ( babies name)
. candy buffet all with the colors of pink white and brown
. Flowers ( lots of flowers )
.Tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling ...... o and I could go on and on .BUT I will control myself , I promise before I get way to excited and Way to out of hand! But its a girl and well I'm just so excited!

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Marie said...

The shower sounds like it will be amazing! What a way to welcome litte Rylin!

Oh - and I think your do-one-project-from-a-Martha-every-month plan is awesome. Post what you do!