Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Past couple weeks..

I have been so crazy busy , running from one activity to the next... weather its been working or doing young women's and then there always the craft sales to get ready for.. O and kids I forgot I'm a mother also.. so its been kinda crazy around our house.
During our craziness this past week ,
. Hayden has taken a liken to drawing on Grayson ( which I will post photos of when 1) I have more time and 2) when I can find my camera)
.Grayson has also decided now that he can crawl he must also get into EVERYTHING mainly cupboards, He also decided today to eat the felts his brother left out, so he has red all in his mouth down his neck on his arms and hands....and of course I had no camera to take a picture...dang it I really have no idea where it went to.. I'm hoping to find it when I get more then 5 Min's to clean the house..
.Also Hayden has drawn on my couch and he has recently enjoyed doing"crafts" like mommy and painted and inked my living room carpet..( which I still don't know how to get out)
.Grayson also says "mama" now and "BA" (good job Bradshaw for teaching him such a advanced word)
.We also had young woman's in excellence this past week
.We have a Fireside this Sunday along with our musical number we have to sing in Michaela's ward.
. I Finished my scrapbook for my Extendicare's retirement party( just in time)
. I was in a craft sale in Calgary last week
I'm sure theirs more that has happened or has to happen in the next couple weeks by hopefully by then I will have some more time and found my camera to put photos up...

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