Monday, October 25, 2010

what a FABULOUS Friday, Super Sat and Spiritual Sunday!

Friday was yes indeed a fabulous and exhausting day. It was our Churches Fabulous Friday Craft night, and it was full of GREAT food, beautiful crafts and fun people. I was hoping to get all my crafts done that I signed up for .... 4 block signs , 2 snowman signs , 2 car rolls , 1 crayon roll, 1 Lantern , 2 Magnet boards.
I walked away with 2 Finished magnetic boards, 2 finished snowman signs,1 finished wood block, half a car roll sewn and the rest not even started! so I guess that means after my craft sales are done I will also be busy finishing the crafts I signed up for! I have crafts coming out of my ears!!

Sat ended up being also pretty SUPER, though I did not get to work on any crafts , Auntie Kayla and Hayden did some Christmas painting. I bought a box of ordiments at Costco and Hayden has been working on painting them and getting them ready to put on our homemade tree this year. Also Sat we had our Young women's party , which was fun ....we pixed and played games , ate sundaes, popcorn and m&ms. It was a good time.

Spiritual Sunday , started Very early this morning, Hayden was up at 6am and everyone followed , we had to be at the church by 8.20 am for song practice. Bradshaw sang in sacrament meeting with 3 other guys .. It sounded wonderful, they did a great job. I also had to sing with some ladies in RF society. We had a special visiting teaching conference, I enjoyed it and felt myself feeling impressed to try alittle harder with the ladies I teach! Not very many Sunday do we get to relax and today we did , I got a hour nap , not long enough but I will take it, then we made some home made Cinnamon buns ( thanks to Pillsbury ) and watched movies as a family.... the kids actually did pretty good other then the fall Grayson took , the fat lip he got , Hayden jumping around and well both of them fighting we actually got to watch a good half of the movie.
The missionary's are also coming over tonight for a lesson , I always look forward to them coming ,they always bring such a good feeling into our home..

It was a very busy but wonderful , Fabulous, Super , spiritual weekend!

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