Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My favourite things.....Megan Style

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE, Oprah's favourite things show... I secretly wish I could be on one of her shows were she gives away cars and computers and tons of things I will never own let alone ever heard of. So yesterday I was thinking about Christmas present things I have to get done , that lead to me thinking about my list I need to make ( My husband and mother ASK for one every year, just so you don;t think I'm greedy) and then I started thinking about my favourite things I could ask for , which lead to me thinking what my "favourite things show would be of" Ok it does not even compare to Oprah's , seeing that in order to make them my favourite things I have to have owned them... But just for fun .. here is my list of "Favourite things"
1. Heating pads
2. Circuit machine
3. slippers

4. Melatonin ( should be on all mommies favourites list)
5. Straightening iron

6.  Coconut hot chocolate and Herbal chai tea... mmmm so good

7. Portable DVD player for the car
8. Bosch

9. $1 store microfiber tea and dish towels, they soak up everything and when they get kinda stinky throw them away and buy some new one.... Best part is there only a $1

10. Scentsy plug in warmers and scents ( and I'm not even a consultant , I just LOVE them, they smell so good)

11. Taylor Swifts cd " Speak now"

12. Mr Clean Magic eraser

I know not as exciting as Oprah's and I'm not giving you any of my favourites, but now you know 12 of my favourite things!

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Just Rhonda said...

i totally love some of those things too!! Especially my bosch. And I'm sure i'd love a Cricut too - if I had one :) hahahah